The Cats Pyjamas

Galumph is a man who really likes lounging around on lazy weekend afternoons, totally comfortably in his pyjamas. He would also, given the choice, have a fat purring cat nearby but alas! allergies have put the kibosh on the cat dream.

So Tyger and I put our heads together when making his Christmas present this year. He might not be able to have a cat, but there's nothing stopping us from making him some cat pyjamas!

Using an ancient Simplicity pattern that I will probably be using when I'm 98 to make myself some jimmyjams, I set Tyger loose with the good scissors and the pins, and lo and behold she pretty much made the pjs all by herself! I helped out with some topstitching and inserting the elastic, but apart from that they are almost 100% child labour. Er, that's a good thing in this instance, right?

PJs #1

Tyger was chuffed with her efforts, and as you can from the pictures the pyjamas have slotted in nicely to the Sunday afternoon lounging sessions.

PJs #2

Project Details
Pattern: Simplicity 5338 (out of print)
Fabric: Japanese cotton/polyester cat print from GJ's Discount Fabrics
Notions: Elastic for waistband

Mika  – (1:34 pm)  

I love this fabric so much. Pajamas are such a great gift too!

Lightning McStitch  – (2:33 pm)  

ha! that's exactly what my bloke looked like on Sunday afternoon too. Minus the awesome child labour pyjamas though. Well done Tyger.

Funkbunny  – (8:55 pm)  

Wow, sewing, knitting. That's one seriously talented 10 (?) year old you have there. Don't know where she gets it from :)

lisa g.  – (1:38 am)  

how awesome!! i've wanted to teach my kids to sew and pj pants may be a great first project!! plus they desperately need pj's...

Madalynne  – (4:33 am)  

So freaking adorable and I love your solution to someone with allergies that like cats. I'm in the same boat!

olivialenz  – (8:29 am)  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric print!!!! Such a fabulous find!

Miss  – (1:10 am)  

Hey, you know you can be desensitised to cat allergies? It worked well for a friend's son - he went from allergy to having a cat who slept around his neck on his pillow :-) There are also cats that are less allergy-causing than others.

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