Vogue 8815 in progress

Peplum In Progress

"You can say what you like about Jorth", mused Sabrina the dressmakers dummy as the half-completed peplum top was pinned to her, "but one thing is certain - girl ain't afraid of a bit of colour!"

Kat  – (2:02 pm)  

Hi jorth, Where did you get the pattern? I've tried locating it in Melb but that was in June and no was stocking it.

Jorth!  – (2:03 pm)  

Hi Kat,

I bought mine online from Voguepatterns.com when they were having one of their recent sales.

Gail  – (2:28 pm)  

Your certainly not afraid of colour and you use it well. Love the double peplum.

Jorth!  – (2:31 pm)  

Thanks, Gail - I drafted the second, smaller peplum piece of the original larger one. Why not, eh?

Roxy  – (6:13 pm)  

This fabric is amazing! Love it!

fransk oversetter  – (1:04 am)  

Love the fabric, it's wonderful.

Ashley  – (5:53 am)  

As Borat would say, "I like"

Sew Brunswick  – (4:30 pm)  

I just got this pattern. It is cut out and ready for a clean bench to fabric cut. Excellent fabric!!

Frugalfashionista  – (10:12 am)  

Beautiful. I'm a beginner with sewing. I hope I can pull this off without too many re dos!

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