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Oh you guys! No, seriously, you guys! Thanks so much for all the knitting love on the green dress - it totally, absolutely made my day. It's one of those weird sorta-summer sorta-not days here, but tomorrow an icy chill is heading our way, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be wearing my dress. Arctic blasts? Pah, I say - there's 14 balls of superfine merino in that baby!

Whenever I'm close to the finishing line on a knitted project, I like to spur myself on a little to reach the end. Alas, Olympic-sized stadiums full of knitting fans cheering me on are sadly lacking around these parts, so I do the next best thing: I jump on my bike and ride on over to Sunspun, and get myself some new yarn. Although I forbid myself from starting a new project until the current one is completed, just the sight of those lovely, unwound balls of yarn is often enough to send me into a frenzy of finishing. Hey, a knitters gotta do what a knitters gotta do!

This lovely red bamboo/viscose blend (Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK) is going to become a cute little lacy cardi for the Tyger to wear over summer, to stop her shoulders getting sun burnt. After my last 14 ball project, 4 measly balls feels like a total walk in the park! Especially since I'm finished the first one already.

(I'll just gloss over the fact that the knit- and purl-behind-the-loop stitch repeat is doing my head in, and totally ruining my knitting flow. Gah. Just as well this is going to be a small cardigan...)

What's on your needles? Any summer knitting planned? Would it be naughty of me to tell you that Sunspun has a sale on for two weeks, beginning on the 15th September? Just in time for the school holidays... I feel an excursion with the Tyger coming on!

*****UPDATE: The cardigan in question is Sirdar Pattern # 1325. Cute, huh?*****

rachelmp  – (2:13 pm)  

Love a red lacy cardigan! Could you please let me know the pattern as my daughter may love it too?

Jorth!  – (2:39 pm)  

Oops, sorry Rachel - link added in now!

oonaballoona  – (2:44 pm)  

damn it all. with all this yarn porn going on, you're going to force me into knitting this winter.

Thewallinna  – (7:02 pm)  

Lady, do you have some sort of secret engine inside of you? When do you have time for all of this????? I fell in love with your green dress so much that I now want to knit one for myself! Not the same since it'll never look even half as good as yours. I am still searching for a pattern I like. Winter is slowly approaching where I live and a woolen dress will be more than necessary! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jorth!  – (7:10 pm)  

Thewallina, I'll tell you my secret - we don't have a tv. Hence all those hours that I might have found myself wasting in front of the box are devoted to craft, glorious craft.

Or sleep. Girl needs her sleep!

Beth  – (3:46 am)  

That's an amazing red. And that yarn is beautiful to knit with - I'm making a jumper with the purple colourway at the moment.

Cornelia  – (8:17 pm)  

I love this yarn. Love the shine, love the feel, love how the fabric feels. I've knitted with it three times, but boy does it G R O W. And now I hope you're not frowning. Truly, I'm not trying to curse your cardy!

AJ  – (10:21 pm)  

Thanks for the tip re the sunspun sale!

The green dress looked amazing!!! I'm in awe of your knitting prowess


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