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Reason number #4092 as to why you shouldn't stuff a craft project hurriedly into a cupboard: Because when you come across it 3 months later you will be aghast to find that you are only up to the letter F (which suddenly stands for you foolish, flibbertijibbetty forgetful filly!). So much for the 'oh yeah, I'll do one letter a day and have it done in no time' swagger you had when the kit first arrived in the mail.

omlair  – (2:31 pm)  

my main problem is picking something up and not remembering how I did it, because at the time I so cleverly improvised the pattern without writing it down.

Roxy  – (5:24 pm)  

Oh I have lots of those too. At least this one will be easy to pick up and get going with. And you know what letter will come next haha. I end up with lost pattern pieces and markings and have no idea where I am up to.

Stacey  – (7:26 pm)  

You're not alone! I ordered a kit before Easter that is still yet to be opened!

Michelle Huddleston  – (2:28 am)  

A perfect project for watching the Olympics!

Jorth!  – (7:43 am)  

Hey Michelle, it is! We've been watching the live streaming on the internet, and it's the perfect thing to stitch along to!

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