35 - and the annual Jorth birthday giveaway!

Hooray - today I'm the ripe old age of 35! There are many, many things to celebrate, like all my fantastic readers, the joy of having a blog, wonderful crafting and, er, how friggin awesome I am! And modest - can't forget that one (bwahahahahah!)
Anyway, as per the tradition, I thought I'd have a giveaway to celebrate my birthday and share the crafting love. Rules are super simple: just be a follower of my blog, and leave a comment announcing your desire for the goodies.

Speaking of goodies, here they are:

Giveaway #2

To start, four recent issues of Ottobre Design Woman magazine (issues 2/2012, 5/2011, 2/2011 and 2/2010). Lots of fantastic patterns in here, but I'm giving them away because my pattern list is just too darn long as is, and I know I'll never get around to using them, so they may as well go to a good home.
What was that you said? You'll need some fabric to go with the patterns? Well, lookee here - I've got fabric for ya, too!

Giveaway #1

From left to right:

1.25m of Japanese cotton, 1.25m of Alexander Henry printed cotton, 1m of Japanese cotton, 1.5m of Zimmerman silk, 1.3m of Alannah Hill acetate blend and 1.25m of Marc Jacobs devore silk/cotton blend. All of them lovely, and all of them looking for a new home, because it's getting a wee bit crowded in that sewing buffet of mine, and if I'm brutally honest, as much as I love them all, I just won't get around to sewing them up.

So leave a comment, follow ze blog and all these marvellous goodies could soon be winging their way to you. Happy to ship internationally, so get commenting! Giveaway closes midnight Sunday 22nd July. Good luck, dear readers!

Krista2318 –   – (7:30 am)  

Happy Birthday Jorth!! 35 is soooo young - but it is a fantastic time of life, so go ahead and enjoy it to the fullest.

Tiffany Staples  – (7:34 am)  

Hey Lady!! Happy Birthday! Hope it's a fabulous one - thanks for the awesome blog!


Jenn  – (7:39 am)  

Happy Birthday! Have a great day :)

Kirsty  – (7:40 am)  

Happy happy birthday. What a lovely idea to share the presents!

Roxy  – (7:49 am)  

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope the sun shines in Melbourne for you today. So many great things to celebrate by 35!

Ashley  – (7:52 am)  

Happy Birthday!!!


katherine h  – (8:06 am)  

Have a stupendous birthday! Hope it lasts at least a week.

Dilliander  – (8:08 am)  

Happy birthday Jorth, I enjoy your witty posts, they always make me smile. Your writing style and storytelling is always so imaginative. Bedtime stories with Tyger must be fun.

Thewallinna  – (8:32 am)  

Happy birthday! What a generous giveaway!

rachelmp  – (8:50 am)  

Happy birthday and enjoy every minute of being 35! It's my 40th today and fingers crossed for a bit of sewing time

throuthehaze  – (9:15 am)  

Happy Birthday!
GFC: Throuthehaze
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Stacey  – (9:24 am)  

Happy Birthday!! Love your blog, especially when unfinished garments and sewing accessories talk to each other.... who needs Shades of Grey??? ;)

Jacqui  – (9:47 am)  

Happy birthday jorth, just started following your blog on google reader, it's nice to have some more home grown Aussie content on my blog roll! I'm just leaving 35 myself so I hope you enjoy it. It's a year of growth!

gentlydowntheseam  – (9:58 am)  

Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a blast!

I just followed you through Google friends..

Angela  – (10:02 am)  

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fab day. What a generous giveaway

Jano  – (10:14 am)  

Wahoo happy 35th! hope you have a fabulous day, can't wait to see your green dress finished.

Tas  – (10:26 am)  

Oh my. You had me at Ottobre. I have the kids' mags but could bring myself to buy the womens patterns mags as I wonderedhow much use I would get out of them.

Happy birthday, old girl. (definite tongue in cheek comment from the 43 year old)

bellweather  – (10:43 am)  

Have a super excellent birthday. I love your blog. Cheers!

Stitching At Stone Cottage  – (10:46 am)  

happy birthday jorth...hope you have great day and get thoroughly spoilt...i am looking forward to seeing a photo of the green dress...did it get seemed in time?...happy birthday

5A  – (11:03 am)  

Happy Birthday! How exciting.

Kate Price  – (11:13 am)  

Wow - what a great birthday present to all of us who read your blog!

cateoh  – (12:01 pm)  

Happy Birthday! I hope you're as spoiled today as the lucky winner of this give away will be!

poppykettle  – (12:33 pm)  

Many happy birthday returns being sent your way! You fabric stash is DIVINE. Marvellous goodies indeed!

A Red Ham  – (1:02 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth! It is my birthday in 2 Days, so I would LOVE to win your birthday give away. I do not own any Ottobre, and would love to. Enjoy your day and I hope you get totally spoilt!

Amy  – (1:22 pm)  

Happy birthday to you - I hope you have a glorious day (and glorious year to come).

Funkbunny  – (1:26 pm)  

You are so generous! (Happy Birthday) I hope you have many more lovely years of crafting ahead of you.

Jenny –   – (1:27 pm)  

Happy 35th birthday. So much to look forward to!

Alicia  – (1:30 pm)  

What a wonderful giveway! Happy Birthday and its the same day as a good friend of mine. I hope that you have a fabulous birthday with birthday cake!

Bridget  – (1:43 pm)  

Happy Birthday! What a lovely person to give away stuff on your birthday. That is certainly sharing the birthday love! Hope that your family are spoiling you ! (p.s. have never seen those magazines...are they in English?)

Wendy  – (2:19 pm)  

Happy Birthday! Those fabric pieces are gorgeous, and I've recently discovered Ottobre patterns and am now firmly a fan. I hope you get some equally lovely birthday treats for yourself!

SewJillian  – (2:56 pm)  

Happy birthday!!! What a way to celebrate

Rachel  – (2:57 pm)  

Happy birthday! I hope you got your green dress finished to wear celebrating. Those fabrics look amazing.

Bernice  – (3:43 pm)  

Wishing you a fabulous birthday. May you celebrate it with gusto!

decoudvite  – (5:34 pm)  

Joyeux anniversaire !
It's always great to read your adventures.

voimani –   – (6:12 pm)  

Happy, happy Birthday, Jorth! I love your blog. I love the stories, I love your sense of humour, I love the recipes and I love the biking pictures. Keep it going!
(And I'd love some giveaways ;-)

make it perfect  – (6:22 pm)  

happy birthday! love your blog and awesome creations - thanks or the inspiration :)

Little Miss Twitchy  – (6:35 pm)  

Happy Birthday! Hope you have an absolutely fantastic day xxx

Louise  – (7:07 pm)  

Happy Birthday!!

And thank you for putting in the effort for your blog-- i have been inspired by your sewing and knitting.

A.  – (8:48 pm)  

Happy B-Day Jorth! Love your blog, in particular your endless imagination and the awesome pics...

Miriana  – (9:59 pm)  

Happy birthday.


Maryanne  – (10:19 pm)  

Happy Birthday! I hope your day was perfect with or without the gorgeous green dress.

Brigita  – (11:20 pm)  

Happy birthday! Have a good one. Shouldn't it be the other way around - you getting presents instead of giving them away? ;)

Trang  – (2:52 am)  

Happy birthday, Just found your blog recently and felt like we are connected in our crazy interests.This is my first ever Giveaway entry because I always think that I will never win ;)

Jodie  – (6:46 am)  

Happy Birthday! What a great giveaway. I'm now following and thanks for shipping internationally.

radmilamila  – (6:47 am)  

hi, thanks for your colorful blog!
I will be happy to participate in the giveaway, Radmila, rada76@mail.ru
And Happy Birthday to you!

Suzy  – (9:07 am)  

Happy birthday! I hope you've had an absolutely fantastic day.

Cambra  – (12:03 pm)  

Ah! My desire for this giveaway is so great! Happiest of birthdays! I hope it is filled with good food and warm loves! As all birthdays should be. :)

Kimberley Atkinson  – (2:49 pm)  

I have lurked for a long time - you give me great knitting and sewing inspiration! Hope you were thoroughly spoiled ( of just went and bought more wool or fabric to yourself!).

Jo  – (5:16 pm)  

Happy birthday you young'un! Hope you had a great day.

Anonymous –   – (6:05 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth! Thanks for a great giveaway and a brilliant blog!

Anonymous –   – (11:51 pm)  

Happy birthday! I often get inspired to sew/knit/cook after reading your posts. The lentil potato Dahl is a go-to recipe now. I love all your fabric choices - I'd definitely sew them up good and proper!

lsaspacey  – (12:30 am)  

Happy Happy Birthday!!

OMG! I cannot believe how generous you are, those are amazing fabrics and FOUR! magazines containing who knows how many patterns. I already have ideas for three of those fabrics! Thank you.

Nadine –   – (9:06 am)  

Happy birthday ... I've been reading your blog for a looong time, very inspirational! What a fab giveaway !

redsilvia  – (12:43 pm)  

You are just a young 'un! Happy birthday! Wishing you much love, laughter and cake.

Karen  – (1:27 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth!
I would love the 1.25m of Japanese cotton (left on photo). I have a top pattern for my 3yr girl that would rock in this fabric.
Enjoy your day. I always like give to others even on my birthday too.

Andrea  – (1:38 pm)  

Happy birthday!!! I just found your blog and have added you to my list :)

Fer  – (3:19 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth! Those treat look absolutely delish!

Anita Manners  – (4:55 pm)  

Happy birthday! What a fantastic prize! I've never tried the Ottobre patterns so I'd love to be the lucky winner.

Fiona  – (7:11 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth!
I met you a few years ago when you were working at Tessuti in Melbourne and recognised you as 'Hey! You're the girl from the blog!'. Long time listener, first time caller and all that. Would put money on you being a lot younger than 35 though!
Hope it's a great one with lots of good cake and please keep it coming with all the crafty inspiration.

Captain StitchyPants  – (2:44 am)  

Happy birthday! 35 is a very fine age indeed :) I follow you via Google Reader.

Georgina –   – (10:37 pm)  

Hi, I am a long time lurker, I love your photos and the tiny glimpse into your world they offer. I can't say I really need more patterns or fabric but they are lovely.

celine  – (3:34 am)  

joyeux anniversaire !!!! j'aime regarder ton blog et tes magnifiques photos !!

Hanabe  – (10:04 am)  

Hi Jorth! Congratulations on your 35th! I am turning the big Three-Oh this year but unlikely I'll get any presents as awesome as this haul. Thank you so much for such a great competition! Fingers crossed! Hope you were spoiled by grumbles. x

machineandadream  – (11:47 am)  

Just got back from 2.5 weeks on holidays, sat behind my desk and was excited about getting my Jorth fix ... I'm even more excited that it's your birthday and you are having a giveaway .. Yeeew! Thanks for your inspiration at being awesome in general. Wishing you a fabulous Birthday - they are the best!!!

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