Coconut and passionfruit cake

Jorth, Galumph and Tyger were doing the last minute checks on their bikes before heading off on a ride.
"Tyres pumped up?" asked Galumph.
"Check!" answered Jorth.
"Chain cleaned and oiled?"
"Rims polished and shiny?"
"Er..." said Jorth, quickly bending to do a quick spit'n'wipe. "Check!"
"Cake baked?"
"CHECK!" said Jorth and Tyger, grinning with anticipation at the thought of the coconutty and passionfruit goodness that was to come once a few k's had been put under their belts.

Cake #1

Cake #2

Cake #3

Cake #4

Recipe here.

janessewandtell  – (7:05 pm)  

Not fair! Tempting us with passion fruits. Do you know how difficult it is to get a good passion fruit in the UK? My mouth is watering at the thought.

Tania  – (7:24 pm)  

SOLD! Even prepared to exercise to earn it.

nic  – (10:17 pm)  

holy yum, jorthy! back in the day, i completely took passion fruit (aka lilikoi) for used to grow wild in the jungly area close to my house, and my pal erin and i would slurp a few when we were in a sticky mood. and now i am mourning the dearth of all things passion fruit related.

the knife of nostalgia strikes again. :)

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