No tears or rain around here!

The wee ditty currently running loops and loops around my head goes a little something like this:
Raindrops keep falling on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Crying's not for me, no

Teardrop Dress #1

Teardrop Dress #2

Teardrop Dress #3

Teardrops or raindrops, it doesn't really matter which one it reminds me of - the Tyger loves it, and I've completed another successful stash bust. Woohoo!

Project Details
Pattern: Rosy Posy dress, pattern #26 from Ottobre Design Magazine 3/2011
Fabric: 1.5m quilting cotton, Raindrops by Umbrella Prints, purchased from GJ's Discount Fabrics
Notions: 30cm invisible zipper, 60cm ric rac, 50cm 8mm elastic

Lovely easy pattern to make. I particularly like the ric rac edging on the neckline. I was a little concerned that it might prove to be itchy, but the Tyger declares that it's just fine. I pressed it quite severely with my iron on the hightest steam setting to make it sit up nice and straight - it hasn't drooped yet, so that's a good sign.

Liesl  – (2:02 pm)  

Gorgeous! I love the ric-rac at the neckline.

littlebetty  – (2:09 pm)  

This is just adorable. I also love the simple ric rak neckline.

Jane  – (2:21 pm)  

Oh, total sweetness!

Pixie  – (3:49 pm)  

beauty! love the ric rac, I need some too....

BeaJay  – (5:39 pm)  

The fabric is lovely - as is the dress and the smile!

Speaking of lovely - I noticed your dressmakers dummy has a lovely textured cover. Did it come with the dummy or did you sew it?

Jorth!  – (5:47 pm)  

Hiya BeaJay,

My dummy came with the cover - I think it's to cover up all her lumpy bits!

spiegel aan de wand  – (6:34 pm)  

This is so sweet! Love the fabric!

sean the prawn  – (6:37 pm)  

I'm thinking that dress is totes sizzlin.

Fran  – (7:58 pm)  

I a.d.o.r.e. this dress! And your child even more for wearing it. My little miss muffet isn't so keen on homemade.......

Fer  – (9:14 pm)  

So very very sweet!

SewJillian  – (9:15 pm)  

Lovely, lovely, lovely :)

nikkishell  – (10:01 pm)  

I think someone has been watching Mum model for camera ;)  – (10:45 pm)  

Classic little girl dress with quirky fabric, let alone the rick-rack and beautiful model... all adds up to absolute gorgeousness!

Amy Prior  – (11:55 pm)  

so nice to see what becomes of our fabric! and such a sweet dress you have made x originally we actually did call this pattern teardrops!

Adventures in Dressmaking  – (3:12 pm)  

That is just adorable!! great print and super cute style, what a lucky girl!!

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