Ruffle Skirt

Ruffle Skirt

I am secretly a little bit in love with this skirt. Well, not so secretly now that I've told you, but it's pretty darn cool and even though I am about 28 years too old for it, I kinda want one for myself. It's got spots! And stripes! And gathers! And flowers! And an elasticised waistband (being an old fart, I'm all about the comfort)! And thanks to my awesome colour choices you could wear it with a blue, red, white or pink t-shirt! And if you have a mum who will make you a t-shirt to wear with it, then all the better. Hooray for Ottobre Design Magazine!

The Tyger adores it, which is good as I plan on making her a corduroy version come winter. It was the quickest sewing project of this year - I think it took me 2 hours all up, and that included tracing out the pattern and cutting out the fabric. Now that's what you call satisfying sewing!

Project Details
Pattern: Cocos ruffle skirt #15 from Ottobre Design Magazine 1/2011
Fabric: Three different quilting fabrics from GJ's Discount Fabrics
Notions: 54cm of 25mm wide elastic for waistband

The t-shirt the Tyger is wearing with it is yet another Rosalind t-shirt, sans buttons this time.

Kelley  – (2:28 pm)  

Snap! I JUST traced out those very 2 patterns this morning! How cool!

rachelmp  – (2:30 pm)  

Great! I have been looking for the perfect quick pattern for my nieces. Ready to go through the stash

Kelley  – (2:30 pm)  

Sorry, I forgot to add that I like yours very much. I'm not so good with the pattern combination thing and am planning on sticking to one fabric for my first one. I really like your whole outfit here.

Vic  – (3:05 pm)  

You could totally pull that off... ;)

Love it.

Bri  – (4:14 pm)  

I'm definitely a little bit in love with this skirt and would totally wear it regardless of being in my late 20's! Mixing prints rules!

melissa  – (4:50 pm)  

LOVE that! SOunds like it might be ok for a novice seamstress?

MySummerTouch  – (6:33 pm)  

Love it! looks very stylish!

Copper Patch  – (11:02 pm)  

Love the skirt and as a never grown up girl of a young 31, I'd happily wear it :o)
Just wondering if I should ask for a subscription to Ottobre Mag for Xmas. I'm just venturning into clothes sewing after sticking to quilts for the last 10 years.
Should I?
Happy sewing,

nic  – (2:47 am)  

this is all kinds of sublime, jorthy! (and also, dots + stripes = swoon. boy, do you know how to pick 'em.)

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