The red dress is finished : La robe rouge est finie

Red Dress #1

Red Dress #2

Red Dress #5

Red Dress #4

I am tempted - oh, so sorely tempted - to grade this pattern up to my size. Grumbles and I both adore it! It's warm yet funkily stylish. And the perfect red! Seriously, dresses do not come any better than this!

I made the size 8, so she could wear it for the remainder of this winter, and hopefully for next, so it's roomy, but not in a bad way. The yarn used was Woolganic organic merino wool, which was so pleasurable to knit with - lovely and soft, and made a nice firm stitch. It's also grown in Australia, dyed using low-impact dyes, and spun in New Zealand. A great little company making a fantastic green product. I'm very happy to support them.

A quick note on construction: I started off doing the side seams in invisible vertical stitch, but after I had seamed half of one, I had a bit of a play and pull at it, and didn't like how much the stitched seam stretched. To my eyes it looked very messy once stretched a bit, and since this is a dress that will be worn by a child, I'm expecting a fair bit of seam stretching to go on as she jumps and runs and skips and plays. So I undid the invisible stitching, and did my good old usual backstitch, which doesn't look quite a neat, but sure is a heck of a lot stronger.

The only other alteration made was that I left off the fausses poches (false pockets), as I had a feeling they would just look messy, and add nothing to the design. Plus, if I can get away with not doing any extra seaming, I will. Man, it's a boring job!

Project Details
Pattern: Robe #6 from Phildar Enfant Automne/Hiver Magazine #23
Size: 8 ans (8 years)
Yarn: 8 balls of Woolganic organic merino yarn in Chilli Pepper
Needles: 4mm and 4.5mm (In order to get the correct gauge with this yarn, I went up a needle size)

Do you know what? That's my last winter project finished! I'm onto the summer sewing and knitting now - huzzah!

Christie  – (1:34 pm)  


Love it in the red, I would love it in my size too!

Anne (I should be sleeping)  – (1:51 pm)  

Love it- and it looks like your girl does too :)

Hootnz  – (2:03 pm)  

I've been hanging out to see this finished... so worth the wait! Its a gorgeous dress, and I love the designer neckline! So sheek... hehehe :)

Leonie  – (2:12 pm)  


If you are looking for an essentially invisible and strong seaming method try Mattress stitch. Very neat and tidy when done correctly and strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of kids clothes

Jo  – (2:32 pm)  

Beautiful! I love the ribbing, and that neckline sits so beautifully. Lucky girl! I'm sure you'll get a little kick out of seeing it on her every time she wears it - I love that aspect of making kids clothes.

Tas  – (2:52 pm)  

That is stunning. That

When you upsize the pattern, keep up sizing to a 12-14 OK?

Peggy's Closet  – (3:07 pm)  

C'est tres belle! ~ Peggy

Sue  – (3:15 pm)  

The dress looks incredible, no wonder you want one too. I have to say it looks fantastic in red and am glad that you finished it up for us all to see!

Brigita  – (3:31 pm)  

It's beautiful! It looks fantastic on your girl.

Jane  – (4:21 pm)  

Oh, that is super-awesome! I think you should plan one for yourself next winter.

omlair  – (4:27 pm)  

Awww cuteness!

I would totally wear this. Now I feel I really need a red knit dress!!

Mel.J  – (5:05 pm)  

What a gorgeous dress! Perfect for winter, I hope she wears it heaps.

Can I ask, what sort of washing routines do you have to do with knitted clothes? See, I could ask the very generous knitting grandma to create such beautiful things, but I worry that they would then wait patiently in the wash for many weeks & be guilt-inducing....

Jorth!  – (5:15 pm)  

Hello Mel,

The washing of knitted garments depends upon the type of yarn used. A cotton knit, or machine wash safe yarn knit can be put in our washing machine on a very gentle cycle (usually only with a couple of other knits, I wouldn't just bung them in with whatever was going) with woolwash, and then block dried on some towels draped over the clothes horse, preferably in the sunshine.

Any other yarn knits, like this one, will need to be handwashed, before drying as above.

Hope that helps!

voimani  – (6:16 pm)  

Oh, what a lovely dress! I adore the neckline. I definitely need to buy those French magazines... and knit-knit-knit! And seam :-( I love the way you write about sleeve islands surrounded by the dangerous sea of mattress stitches.

Gail  – (6:27 pm)  

Definitely a winner. I can see why you want one too. The detailing on the neckroll is great.

Evelyne  – (6:47 pm)  

Grumbles looks fantastic in that knitted dress - well done!!! Definitely grade one up for yourself - just adorable, and I do love the neckline.

Sherry  – (7:13 pm)  

It is gorgeous, and beautiful shots as always! I visualise you in your pink dress together with Grumbles in her red dress, turning heads in the street!
Is it 'mattress stitch' that you used to sew the seam first? I quite like it because it is less bulky and the stitches line up perfectly, but it is fiddly to get the tension right - too loose and you get gaps, too tight and it pulls the seam up!

Jorth!  – (7:32 pm)  

Hi Leonie and Sherry

I think it was mattress stitch... whatever it was, it didn't work on this garment, although it has worked for me in the past.

Horses for courses, and different stitches for different yarns, I guess!

MayMade  – (8:38 pm)  

Ahh it's perfect! So comfy and cute!

Suzy  – (8:42 pm)  

Oooh, well done you, it looks fabulous.

liza jane  – (9:08 pm)  

Oh so cute! I would love to have this in my size, too. It really is the perfect red. I thought that before I read your description.

Esther  – (10:12 pm)  

Wow, I totally love it!!

nikkishell  – (10:27 pm)  

I love this dress!!!!
You know what Grumbles? You and I are ALMOST the same size! Maybe i could borrow it? ;)

Julie Smith  – (2:51 am)  

Oh my, oh my!! It is absolutely lovely! And absolutely perfect!

Monica  – (11:59 am)  

I LOVE thes dress and pictures. Well done.

Fer  – (10:25 pm)  

Stunning. No wonder Grumbles can't stop smiling! (maybe you'll have to change her name from Grumbles to Smiley?) ♥

MushyWear  – (4:43 pm)  

Oh my goodness, what a super cool dress in a great color. Doesn't wearing red in cooler weather instantly warm you right up?

Lisette M  – (11:20 pm)  

If you grade it and share it, I will make it =). Perfect color and looks adorable and chic at the same time on your daughter!

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