In a remarkable show of self-restraint, I went to two fabric stores yesterday, and all I bought was some top-stitching thread. That stash-busting pledge of mine is coming along just nicely!

Christie  – (2:18 pm)  

I need to follow your lead, too mush fabric & wool in my stash, mind you I do need to buy more thread in order to sew through it all!

Rie  – (2:23 pm)  

Wow... I can't even do that!!!!

Anne (I should be sleeping)  – (4:13 pm)  

Some serious restraint there. You've reminded me, I need topstitching thread for denim too!

nikkishell  – (8:29 pm)  

I didn't manage to get out fabric free though did i?!

I added up my fabric purchases for the past year at work today. YIKES!!

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