View from a bike path

Bike Ride #1

Bike Ride #2

Bike Ride #3

Bike Ride #4

Bike Ride #5

Bike Ride #6

Bike Ride #7

Really, it's the only way to travel!

Bike paths traversed: Outer Circle Trail, Gardiners Creek Trail and Yarra Trail.

Kirsty  – (12:44 pm)  

You weren't far from me! Outer circle shot...that's where I run. x

Kirsty  – (12:46 pm)  

SHOTS...I pick it up in Camberwell & run it until Kew.

Tania  – (1:01 pm)  

Thank goodness for that. I kept waiting to see one of those pics tipped 90 degrees. You've got great balance, luv.

Julie Smith  – (1:37 am)  

I love these pics so much. It's incredibly cool to see the scenery change around them. Amazing series of shots!!

nic  – (3:15 am)  

oh to have bike paths with views like these! this is like reason #489 on my list of Why I Need to Move Near Jorthy. seriously, why am i still here?

Gail  – (8:50 pm)  

You're lucky to live in flat city. Bikes don't cut it so well in Sydney. It all uphill and down dale.

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