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I'm sitting here today, enjoying this marvellous sunshine. 20 C today! In August! And I'm feeling pretty good about my decision to quickly wrap up my winter sewing and make a start on my summer sewing. There's even a little voice in my head saying "Winter coat, schminter coat. Leave that till next year, sister!"

But then I remembered the weather report I read in The Age yesterday that warned us Melbournians that we should enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, because it's going to be cold and wintry once more by the weekend, and staying that way for some time to come. That annoying little voice piped up once more: "Er, changed your mind. Make the winter coat - you'll be needing it!"

So that leads to my question: how do all you fellow seamstresses plan your sewing? Do you get a jump start on the season ahead of time (i.e. start making all your summer clothes before winter has truly ended, thus ensuring that you have something amazing to wear when the weather turns) or do you just sew things as you fancy it? I'd love to hear what you do - this curious mind wants to know!

For the record I'm going to stick with my plan of wrapping up the winter sewing and begin my summer sewing right away. I did some wardrobe planning with Grumbles the other day, and boy oh boy does she have some garment requirements (some very necessary, like new shorts and t-shirts because her others were rather, um, small by the end of last summer... so small it was almost indecent!) and some not so necessary (can you make me this dress? and this one? and that one too?!). Plus I have that shameful stash of my own that needs to be worked through (ahem!)

So I'm planning to get a crack on, and have plenty of things to wear when summer truly arrives. What will you be doing?

Cat  – (11:31 am)  

I'm from Queensland, now living in Los Angeles and so I'm used to having a pretty long summer (read flexible fashion choices) so I pretty much make whatever I fancy. The first time I heard of people sewing for seasons ahead I thought "wow, how in the world do they stay inspired" (i.e. wow, I sure do have a short attention span). Then I thought "How practical that might be", and then I saw a bright shiny quarter, and I was back to sewing whatever I fancy. Hope that helps :P

Jorth!  – (11:32 am)  

"and then I saw a bright shiny quarter"... oh my, I am laughing my head off! Hilarious!

Rachel  – (11:35 am)  

I live in the state of Alabama in the United States and we are still in the dead hot of summer. Because Alabama is in the southern US, it really won't get cold here until November. I am going to continue to sew summer stuff until about the end of September and then I will start fall and winter. However, all of these new fall vogue patterns are making it really difficult.

Carolyn (cmarie12)  – (12:35 pm)  

I sew for the season I'm in. I've never mastered the sewing for the next season thing because after I finish something I want to wear it right away. You can't do that when you sew for the next season!

Amy  – (12:47 pm)  

Planning? What's planning? :)
I tend to go wherever inspiration takes me. Which is why my winter coat will probably be finished mid summer.

liza jane  – (12:51 pm)  

I wish I was organized enough to plan ahead for the seasons. I always have a huge list of things I want to make for a season but never have the time finish. I tend to sew more for the moment.

Tas  – (1:05 pm)  

No organisation here. A forever present huge pile of patterns "to do" and they get done when they get done. Though I must admit that I don't sew heavy clothing when it is 40 degrees outside. Just can't do it.

Jorth!  – (1:30 pm)  

Tas, when it's 40 out I don't think about sewing full stop!

Crystal  – (1:36 pm)  

All I have to say is the fabric and patterns you have matched up in the photo, makes me completely envious.

Bernice  – (1:38 pm)  

I'm definitely in the moment. The only time when I sew with a plan is if I'm sewing something for a specific event. That said, life is a little different here (Cairns). We have two seasons - hot & wet and hot & dry. I sometimes get envious when I read about the variety of clothes other people get to sew due to the variety in their weather.

Leith  – (2:53 pm)  

I generally sew what I feel like or need in the next month. However, I have just finished 5 beautiful summer dresses (and a swimsuit) in the middle of our Melbourne winter!! They are for our holiday to Japan and Singapore. It is a bit chilly trying on summer dresses when it is 10 degrees. Also, the hair situation is a bit ugly...

Sherry  – (2:54 pm)  

I'm a sew as you go-er - if I plan too far in advance I find I've moved on to something else - sewing on a whim is so much more fun!

littlebetty  – (3:10 pm)  

I sew for summer almost all year round. It doens't get too cold in Sydney, in my opinion, and winter sewing doesn't much interest me.

Happy sewing!

Robyn  – (4:26 pm)  

Hmmm, I'm a planner by nature - I love my lists. That said I tend to sew what I feel like sewing otherwise it loses its enjoyment. I cut out a coat last week and have enjoyed our winter sunshine so much that I haven't touched it all week. That's Melbourne for you - we'll be freezing again before you know it :)

nikkishell  – (11:01 pm)  

I think you should know my sewing style by now (some planning but mostly on a whim).
The weather today had me thinking about summer sewing and getting my garden organised for many hours outdoors.
sigh, i love this weather.

oonaballoona  – (11:12 pm)  

sew as i fancy! sew as i fancy!

i may just put that on a wall.

Julie Smith  – (1:55 am)  

I can't plan either. I'm usually sewing it up the night before I want to wear it!

Julia  – (3:35 am)  

Since I sew mostly for my 7 grands, I sew for the season coming up. I will be starting Halloween costumes soon, then it will time to start Christmas outfits, etc...... I am starting on a birthday outfit for one who is turning 4 toward the end of the month.

nic  – (8:05 am)  

i'm a sew-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl myself, though i have grand hopes of one day joining the ranks of the responsible sort. (can you sneak me in the back door?)

Evelyne  – (8:25 am)  

"Sew as I go" and get quite distracted when that little voice says - mum I'd like that, could you...? Yep, another distraction.

Jane M  – (10:48 am)  

I think I'm constitutionally unable to sew with a plan. I tried it and hated it, too rebellious to let even the next season dictate to me. Therefore I'm usually sewing for the current season so I can get some immediate gratification.

Jennifer  – (12:07 pm)  

I try to plan... When I get anxious for warmer weather (this usually happens around March - I'm in the southern US), I begin planning and sewing summer, likewise right now for fall. But, I have a limited attention span when sewing so I don't stick to the plan very well and lots of other ideas get thrown in!

annakatherine  – (12:08 pm)  

Easy solution to this problem...just don't sew for winter! I've budged from my fierce stand on no knits to now owning one sweater, and two cardigans. I started feeling the itch and urge to grow up a bit...and noticed myself going "oh. OH. That's quite cute" to something that was knitted and had ruffles.

HUGE growthspurt in my mind.

Um, anyway, where were we? Oh, right. Hate sewing winter clothes (too complex), but will only sew spring/summer clothes on spring/summery days, just like today. Ahh, golden sunshine.

Fer  – (3:05 pm)  

Pre-children, I would do a bit of both. It was nice to have some items ready for use but there was always something that would jump up and grab my attention at least 2 or 3 times during that season.

Make the coat, you won't regret it!

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