Super Pink Dress

Pink Dress #1Is this, or is this not the pinkest dress you have ever seen? Well, it's gloomy here in Melbourne, so I figured it was my civic duty to inject a bright bolt of colour into the dull grey days.

That and I just really, really like pink this winter!

The fabric is a merino double knit from The Fabric Store. It's almost a ponti, but doesn't quite have as much stretch. I found this out the hard way when I tried the dress on half-way through construction, and then had that awful moment of panic when I realised that I couldn't get the darn thing off! Thankfully Grumbles was on hand to wrestle me out of it!

Never mind - it was nothing that a few hours minutes of unpicking and then re-sewing along a smaller seam allowance wouldn't fix. Although remind me to never unpick stretch stitching again if I can help it - that stuff is almost impossible to get undone (why take the easy road when you can take the hard road etc etc)

I still have to do a bit of a wriggle to get into the dress, but once it's on everything is fine. If I ever make this dress again (which I will - maybe bright yellow next time?) I'll make sure I choose a knit with a decent two-way stretch instead of just one way. Lesson learnt.
Project Details

Pattern: Vogue Wardrobe 1020, View C (same pattern I used for my linen top)
Fabric: 1.4m of 150cm wide merino double knit from The Fabric Store
Notions: 1cm wide elastic for side gathering.

Once again I made a few alterations: I left out the zip, used elastic to do the side gathers and lengthened the sleeves. I'm so glad I bought this pattern - I think I'll be making these dresses and tops for the rest of my days, that's how comfy and snazzy they are!
Pink Dress #4

Kelly  – (10:49 am)  

Wow, its stunning! Such a beautiful colour! Yes it's so gloomy in Melbourne lately. Can't wait for spring xo

Stella  – (11:12 am)  

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. Love it! Such a great dress, fantastic color. I would so wear something like this. Now I want one too...

mem  – (11:30 am)  

ooooh it is very pink and as I suffering the gloom in Melbourne too I am very greatful for your efforts especially when worn with RED glasses!!! I have don that with knits too . I think that when I buy a knit the given in my head is that it will be easy to sew and so I dont make all the cnecessary checks ie using that stretch guide on the back on pattern envelopes. !! Now that I have confessed this maybe I will improve . The dress looks fine and yes unpicking knits is a real pain!.

Gail  – (11:39 am)  

Hot pink - now that is unconventional in Melbourne! I eschew brights having grown in Brisbane - the town of clashing shades of jewel and florals.

Maryam  – (12:58 pm)  

WOW! Love it!!! looks amazing on you!

DeniseAngela  – (1:18 pm)  

Gorgeous the dress.....looks beautiful on you!

Fer (checking in when I can)  – (3:38 pm)  

Wow, that's amazing!! Just what Melbourne needs right now. I like the idea of a bright yellow version too. :-)

Liesl  – (3:43 pm)  

Its gorgeous - you look lovely in pink! So nice on a grey old day.

(I feel your pain on the unpicking ... I had a recent encounter with black lightening stitch on black ... blergh)

Robyn  – (5:26 pm)  

I love it - that pattern's a winner. I'm not sure I can even remember what the sun feels like!

Lisa  – (5:28 pm)  

You look fab in Pink . The pattern doesn't look a patch on your dress .

nikkishell  – (6:48 pm)  

A traffic stopping dress if i ever saw one!

Fabricaddict  – (9:09 pm)  

I am in love with your pink dress and want one just the same!! what a mood brightener :-) Perfect for grey or sunny days!

Lambda~Mu  – (11:50 pm)  

I hate pink for/on myself, but you make this look amazing! Yellow would be awesome too!!

flurogoddess  – (6:13 am)  

Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!!!

Love your blog too - bought a few patterns based on your inspiration, now just to find some good-quality jersey :)

Rachel  – (7:30 am)  

That looks really fabulous on you!! I am so happy to have found your blog.

Tania  – (8:29 pm)  

I love the dress, the colour is fantastic.

voimani  – (6:02 pm)  

I can only agree with all the others. Both color and dress suit you so well! Adorable! I daydream of the dress ever since I read the post... but the bright pink wouldn't suit me. But... hmm. We'll see.

mahaila  – (5:04 am)  

Love the colour and the fit. Your photos are also very cute! nice work!

Mama_A  – (1:07 am)  

This is so gorgeous! Do you use a serger for knits?

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