Simplicity 2406 Status Report*

Simplicity 2406

Name: Simplicity 2406 - Cynthia Rowley Collection

Location: Previously stuffed into cupboard in disgust, now on dress form

Appearance: Wrinkled (due to stuffing). And sack-like.

Status: Incomplete. Major rejigging required.

Do say: Nothing a belt won't fix!

Don't say: I've met potato sacks with more shape!

*Done somewhat in the style of the Guardian's brilliant daily fixture, Pass notes

Karen  – (4:34 pm)  

I made that dress and did some major side seams adjustments. I'm not a skinny mini but the sizing also seemed wrong. I rocked it to two wedding, only because I loved the fabric so.... It makes me feel oh-so-betterer hearing your struggling with the potao sack LOL!

omlair  – (4:59 pm)  

Cute pattern! Must get my sewing machine fixed :(

Gail  – (6:07 pm)  

Simplicity patterns often have too much ease. I hate it when they don't put the finished garment measures on the pack.

ellejays  – (12:52 pm)  

It looks similar to Simplicity 2892 - without a belt it's just a sack! But very cute when cinched at the waist.

That being said, the pattern cover looks like it's designed to have extra fabric up around the waist - that would be no good for me!

@ Gail - I think usually they have the finished garment measurements on the pattern itself, of course you would have to buy the pattern first to find out!!

Fer (checking in when I can)  – (2:27 pm)  

I'm sure if anyone could get this pattern to work it would be you!

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