Red dress

I would like to be able to show you a picture of my finished striped jumper, but alas! The yarn store is still out of the black yarn I am using, and won't have any in for at least another month *bangs head on table at own ineptitude at figuring out yarn requirements* I have a sleeve cap to go! This is sooooooo frustrating!

So what's a girl with plenty of knitting needles and patterns at hand to do? Start a new project, of course! I'm knitting Grumbles the red dress on the cover of this Phildar Enfants Automne Hiver #023 magazine. I think I want one for myself - it looks so warm and snuggly.


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dixiebelle  – (7:33 pm)  

Oh stunning! I'd love one like that!!

Fer (checking in when I can)  – (8:30 pm)  

Grumbles will look absolutely gorgeous in that!

nikkishell  – (10:31 pm)  

Ooh, can you add me to the list, i'd like one too!
PS Did you get my voicemail? Like my singing?

redsilvia  – (4:08 am)  

Did you look on Ravelry in case someone has some of that black yarn left over? It's worth a shot if you haven't since you need so little.

That red dress is adorable!

Jorth!  – (7:34 am)  

Genius idea redsilvia - I hadn't even thought of that. Probably all the banging of head against wall had killed off my original thought cells!

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