Liberty question

Liberty Print and Ribbons

Which grosgrain ribbon goes best with this Liberty print? I'm leaning towards the pink myself (of course!)

Speaking of which, thanks for all the recent dress love. The Simplicity 2406 has grown on me a lot - as you all so wisely said it would.

Erin  – (5:14 pm)  

Pink is the most complementary, the dark yellow is a nice contrast. There's my two cents- kerching.

One Flew Over  – (5:21 pm)  

I'm quite partial to the silver/grey but the pink is a very close second x

Mel.J  – (5:55 pm)  

My pick is pink or grey, my style is more grey but the pink is very nice too. Not keen on the yellows personally.

Pamela  – (5:56 pm)  

The darker yellow really pops. The pink is lovely, but I'd go the yellow.

suzie wuzie  – (6:27 pm)  

I like the grey for a more subtle contrast or the pink for a more girly look.

Kylie  – (6:30 pm)  

I like them best in the order you have them! Pink is best, blue looks great too. And now having seen this fabric in a different picture I want some! I was unsure about it before but it looks really nice here.

Stitchybritt  – (6:33 pm)  

I think they all go, except for the pale yellow. My pick is the grey/blue, but if your heart says pink - go for it.

Sona  – (6:58 pm)  

the blue gray would be subtle, the pink sassy and the darker yellow would give a nice pop.

nikkishell  – (7:03 pm)  

It all depends on what you plan to make ;)

Ruta  – (8:15 pm)  

Exactly: it all depends on what do You plan to make. But my first choice is grey, after a long interval becomes the red.

shivani  – (8:28 pm)  

I love the yellow, but they all go really well.
What's the name of this Liberty print? I love it!

Jorth!  – (8:44 pm)  

Hi Shivani, it's a Liberty Wool/Cotton called 'Melly Pink', from Tessuti Fabrics.

Kerleisha  – (10:46 pm)  

I like the pink, but I think the yellow would pop out way more. The pink just blends. All four are great options though!

Susan  – (3:29 am)  

I like the gray first and the pink as a second.

Evelyne  – (8:21 am)  

Voting now.......1/ Grey and 2/ Pink.

A Red Ham  – (9:08 am)  

As soon as I saw the picture I was drawn to the pink, but I too am a pink girl! However the blue also looks good. I am not a yellow fan, so although the darker yellow looks okay, I would stick with either the pink or blue. You should choose the colour you are leaning towards, otherwise you may never be happy with your decision.

Gail  – (9:21 am)  

I'm for the grey/mauve, but you're a pink girl.

sarahkgayda  – (10:32 am)  

I love the blue/grey with that fabric, I'm a fashion design major so I like to think I have a good eye :).

JoanJou  – (4:58 pm)  


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nic  – (12:19 am)  

i love the grey, but it's not ever a fair race when grey is in the lineup. i'd elope with the guy in a heartbeat if ever he'd ask.

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