Floating delight

Green Scarf

I think that if mermaids were ever tempted to wear a scarf this would be exactly the sort of style they would wear.

Pattern coming soon!

Gail  – (6:12 pm)  

Gorgeous wool. I wish I could knit.

Karen  – (6:57 pm)  

So pretty, I wish I could knit too! :)

nikkishell  – (7:02 pm)  

You know, i have some of this yarn in my stash...in the exact same colour!

Tas  – (7:50 pm)  

Oh, that colour is divine!

A Red Ham  – (10:29 pm)  

Jorth, I hope this is a UFO & not a new project! (Just kidding!). How is your pink & black jumper coming along. I can't wait to see it finished. The yoga wrap looks great.

Gabrielle  – (10:42 pm)  

Ooh yes, it looks like a gorgeous seaweed :-)

Jorth!  – (1:15 pm)  

Thanks everybody!

A Red Ham, erm... guilty as charged!

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