Today has been filled with so many of my favourite things!



And I'm told by a reliable souce (ahem, Grumbles) that there is still lemon meringue pie to come. Hooray! This day just gets better and better.

PS Don't forget to enter the Liberty Fabric Birthday Giveaway.

Tanit-Isis  – (12:15 am)  

Happy birthday! It sounds like it's shaping up to be a wonderful one! :)

oonaballoona  – (3:16 am)  

happy birthday! may you have as many slices of pie as your heart desires!

Kat  – (8:30 am)  

Happy Birthday! Glad to see you are having a nice day and I hope your lemon meringue pie is delicious.

Robyn  – (11:36 am)  

Happy Birthday - looks like you had a wonderful day.

Rachel  – (12:10 pm)  

Happy B'day! Hope your pie was delicious!

Fer (checking in when I can)  – (8:07 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth! You deserve the lemon meringue pie. :-)

nic  – (3:07 am)  

happiest day to you, dearie! (ahem, a day late; so goes my modus operandi.)

gorgey fabric and bike rides and art galleries and lemon meringue--what a perfect way to celebrate the gift of you.

MushyWear  – (4:23 pm)  

Happy B-lated Birthday! May it be the best year yet!

GRACIA AND LOUISE  – (8:39 pm)  

I am late with the Birthday cheer, but Happy Birthday nonetheless.

boy-oh-boy  – (8:40 pm)  

Happy birthday :-)

Hope you had a fab day

~ Sarah

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