Yesterday was full of so many good things: meeting up with a dear friend : the domed reading room : portraits of severe early settlers : a long walk home in the rain (I rather enjoy walking in the rain) : choc chips biscuits for afternoon tea

But the best part was being gifted with this glorious pink scarf machine knitted for my birthday. Grumbles, you may be modelling it for the photo but let me make this quite clear: that scarf is mine, alllllll mine!

Sarita  – (2:39 pm)  

I don't know...the scarf looks pretty jazzy beneath that sweet smile! Great photos.

nikkishell  – (9:56 pm)  

The guy in the portrait had amazingly bright eyes!
So glad you like the scarf. Maybe i should knit Grumbles her own.

nic  – (11:12 am)  

yes, but when she is sixteen, she is totally sneaking it out of the house to wear to school. ;)

ps oh my on the chocolate chip biscuits. you have the very best life.

Fer  – (4:12 pm)  

Walking in the rain is lovely, so long as there's no wind. :-)

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