Yoga Wrap Done!

Yoga Wrap #1

I must say that I am a wee bit ashamed that this was two years in the making. Oh, the shame! I originally started it in 2009, hoping to get it done in time to wear on our European trip. This, of course, didn't happen. I'm slowly learning that knitting to a tight schedule is always guaranteed to end in knitting disaster.

"Well, no worries" I thought to myself. "I'll just take it along with me. If I knit two repeats per day, then I'll have it done in time to wear in Paris. After all, we'll be on plenty of trains - think of how quickly I'll get this knit up!"

Then I discovered that knitting + train = nasty nasty motion sickness for me. And of course there was no knitting done of an evening - not when there was fine cheese to be ate, and lovely wines to sample. I like rules - they have always served me well, and there are two that I hold dear. Rule number one is Don't Fart On Mum (this rule applies to Grumbles in particular, but I suppose to everybody else in general). Rule number two is drinking and knitting is never going to be a good idea. And don't even think of throwing gooey cheese into the equation!

So there we were, traipsing around Europe and enjoying the sights, and in the suitcase that I shared with Galumph were all these massive jumbo balls of yarn, taking up a good third of the space, and no knitting being done at all. Ahem. I shall cast a veil over any arguments this space hogging yarn may have caused. When we got home I stuffed the project into a cupboard, and promptly forgot all about it again until this winter (and hoped Galumph would do the same!)
Fast forward to winter 2011, and I'm doing a little bit of stash clearing. What's all that black yarn lurking in the corner? "Why hello, old friend!" I said as I shook the dust out. "You're the project that made Galumph and I bicker furiously about overpacked suitcases in Gare de Nord that got to see the world with us. Well, now you've had your travels, I suppose you'd like to be finished, eh?" So I sat down, began to knit and had the darn thing finished three weeks later. Better late than never, huh?

Project Details
Pattern: Yoga Wrap from Vogue Knitting Magazine Winter 2005/2006 (the pattern is available to buy from the Vogue Knitting website)
Yarn: 8 x 200g balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca in Jet Black. I used double strands to get the correct gauge. This yarn is so super soft! I love it.
Needles: 6mm circular (for the length)

Although it looks a bit tricky, this isn't a hard knit at all if you know how to do yarn overs and slip stitches. The rest is just knit and purl, and making sure you follow the chart properly. The best part is how comfy it is to wear - it's like being snuggled into the world's most fashionable blanket! I usually wear mine belted around the waist, and it's as warm as a coat on a cold winters day. And I have done this pattern the honour of knitting it twice - I can't say that about any other pattern (the first one I made was way back in August 2006)

So, hooray! The Yoga Wrap is done, and I can finally move onto a new project! I only have on question - why the heck did they name it a Yoga Wrap? Can you imagine doing yoga in it? Maybe because it's so big you could conceivably use it as a yoga mat if need be? Suggestions on this most welcome!

Belinda  – (12:23 pm)  

I must say, that looks amazing! I would totally wear something like that. Great work

emma @ frog, goose and bear  – (1:04 pm)  

That is just gorgeous! Well worth the wait for a very well travelled garment!

LittleLambKnits  – (1:32 pm)  

What a beautiful wrap. Well worth taking the time to finish!

Tas  – (1:56 pm)  

What a well spent 2 years ;) It is stunning!

travellersyarn  – (7:42 pm)  

But if you hadn't dragged it around the world, you would have had heaps of time for knitting... It looks wonderful and wearable.

Brigita  – (9:33 pm)  

It looks wonderful, so comfy and nice. And I love that color!

Fer (checking in when I can)  – (10:42 pm)  

Just gorgeous! A real credit to your skill.

oonaballoona  – (10:56 pm)  

what a great story. rule number one is awesome.

this wrap. IS FABULOUS. you should wear it every day. i have to assume the name is for: after you've taken yoga and want to swaddle yourself in tangible ohm.

nikkishell  – (11:00 pm)  

Looks fabulously cosy and casual ;) Love it.x

soNOTcool  – (11:10 pm)  

Your yoga wrap is really beautiful. The cut is sublime. Job well done, super hero!

MB@YarnUiPhoneApp  – (11:16 pm)  

Next time you travel wear all your clothes. All of 'em. Lots of layers. Travel with nearly empty suitcase to fill with yarns and fabrics that you can't get at home. If necessary, wear fabric home. Yes, swath it around you, it will be keep you warm on the cold plane. You won't regret even if people think you are odd.

liza jane  – (11:45 pm)  

Gorgeous! This makes me want to take up knitting (which is saying something because I have absolutely no patience!) And rule number one cracks me up.

Lisa  – (12:50 am)  

What a stunning wrap , I love it . I wish had the patience I really do.

Bernice  – (7:09 am)  

What a stunning wrap. The colour and style are both fabulous. Good on you for getting it done. UFO can start weighing a bit heavy sometimes.

Belinda  – (6:48 pm)  

Totally amazing! I want to knit one now

Jo  – (11:33 pm)  

Wow, it's gorgeous! I wish I had the discipline to learn to knit properly (more than a scarf!) but the instant satisfaction factor of sewing always wins for me.

Nik  – (4:09 am)  

How beautiful is that! you can dress it up or down. It looks like it's SO much fun to wear.

cherri  – (11:57 am)  

I love it - that is gorgeous!!!!

Anne (I should be sleeping)  – (3:00 pm)  

Wow, the colour is lovely!
I think it's because you could use it to do yoga on if you forget your mat- it's huge! (in a good way ;) )

Stitchybritt  – (4:32 pm)  

It looks absolutely brilliant. I'm actually travelling at the moment, right now in Amsterdam, and yes, I have my sock knitting with me. I will heed your caution though - on both the train-knitting and wine-and-cheese fronts : )

Nimblefingerssteadyeyebrows  – (12:16 am)  

Wow that is beautiful. I am half way through a blanket and it has already taken me 6 months and it is considerably more straight forward than this. Well done on getting it finished.

Lisette M  – (9:41 am)  

It's gorgeous! And I have the pattern...

Anonymous –   – (1:46 am)  

Made it twice - once way too big and gave it to my daughter then I tried it again - too small, tightish - want to try again - I'm only 5 feet - think I might eliminate one pattern on each side of length of panel - any tips??? Thanks!

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