Bowling 2

Saturday morning found us bright and early in the city and ready for some bowling action, to celebrate Grumble's birthday with her grandparents. I was particularly excited, as I had never been ten pin bowling before, and couldn't wait to try a sport where you get to wear funny shoes.

Can I just say that I totally, utterly, completely suck at bowling? I have never been any good at hand/eye coordination sports, but my abysmal failure at this one took it to a whole new level. I think my best score was a measly 42 out of a possible 300.  It didn't help that more of my bowls landed in the gutter than hit pins. Yikes! I probably should have had the guards put up on the lane, so I at least had a chance of making contact with something. But despite my severe lack of bowling prowess, did I have fun! And the shoes? Surprisingly comfy!

nikkishell  – (6:42 pm)  

I HOPE you're not planning on wearing those things tomorrow when we catch up! ;)

Your first time bowling? Maybe you guys should come over for some Wii bowling, soooooo much easier!

Anna Bartlett  – (1:11 am)  

They are the coolest bowling shoes I've seen. No wonder you had fun.

cateoh  – (8:51 pm)  

the last time I went bowling the ball slipped out of my hand and ended up going backwards- away from the pins. I'm not going bowling again.

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