Feeling kinda famous!

It's excitement plus around here this morning - I've been picked by BurdaStyle to be their current Featured Member. Hoorah! So swing on by to read an interview with yours truly, and to check out some of my projects, my sewing space and last but not least, my goofy baby pic!

Burda Style Featured Member

Peggy's Closet  – (11:04 am)  

Wow! That's so cool! ~ Peggy http://peggyscloset.blogspot.com/

cherri  – (11:07 am)  

Great interview - you are so famous now - can we line up at Tessutu for autographs!

Again - love that shirt and I am very envious of your 2-3 hour sewing fixes...what was it...three times a week! Jeepers that would be ace.

Colette  – (12:52 pm)  

I saw it this morning! Splendid feature ...well done!

MushyWear  – (1:14 pm)  

Congratulations! I look forward to reading the interview!

Tas  – (2:16 pm)  

Wow-I'd swear that I have some vintage fabric somewhere in my stash that matches the dress that you are wearing as a little girl

nikkishell  – (8:08 pm)  

You know i'm now going to refer to you as "my friend Jorthy, she's famous you know!"


Carolyn  – (1:11 am)  

That's so cool! I look forward to reading the interview!

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Fer  – (4:07 pm)  

How cool is that! Love Burda Style, it's a great website. ♥

nic  – (3:52 am)  

oh man! this is awesome stuff indeed. and i have a feeling this is merely the beginning of your Life of Fame and Renown, just you watch.

Rachel  – (12:49 pm)  

Woohoo! Congratulations - you deserve it! And that dress - plus the spotted one of the same pattern - was the whole reason I came to Tessuti in the first place!

Brigita  – (9:01 pm)  

I've always loved your creations on BurdaStyle, but I'm super glad I discovered your blog too. Looking forward to your next posts and congrats on your interview! :)

velosewer  – (4:10 pm)  

Super cool. You have great style.

Corrie  – (11:33 am)  

way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love seeing what you've made and how cool you look modelling it


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