"Blast!" said Jorth, standing at the window and shaking her fist at the fat grey clouds blanketing the sky. "Literally! Curse you, stupid Arctic blast that is heading our way - I wanted to wear my new dress tomorrow, but I don't think viscose knit will stand up to your icy winds, and probable hail. Grrrrrr!"

Suddenly Jorth was struck by a thought. Winter, in Melbourne, was all about the layering, was it not? Yes, admittedly, with that deep scoop neckline on both the front and back the wearing of a spencer underneath wasn't an option, but a singlet was. As were thick woollen stockings. Feeling much chirpier, she strode off into the bedroom to rummage around in her smalls drawer. The dress, left alone on the ancient mannequin, gazed out the window and began to quietly chant to herself "Please let me be worn tomorrow! Please let me be worn tomorrow! Please let me be worn..."

Meanwhile, outside, the clouds kept their own counsel, and remained as heavy and threatening as before.

Blue Cowl Dress #2

Mel.J  – (2:55 pm)  

Nice dress (but am feeling the chill so I know where you're coming from)

Here's two more options. (1 - greater effort) you can cut down the necklines of thermal tops to be a lower scoop neck & still have the sleeves or (2 - less effort) wear it over a high neck top like a roll neck skivvy & call it a styling choice :)

Rachel  – (3:31 pm)  

Can't wait to see this modelled! And, for some reason my comment from your last post on this dress hasn't shown up - I also wanted to say that I LOVE the liberty shirt - it is stunning!!

Jorth!  – (5:13 pm)  

Hi Rachel, for some reason Blogger deleted my post last week that had your lovely comment. I was able to repost it, but did lose all my comments.

Darn blogging program...

nikkishell  – (11:03 pm)  

Oooh i get to see it in person tomorrow?!

Tas  – (12:07 am)  

Oh, it does look lovely. Have to say that this cool weather is letting me wear and snuggle up in my knitted cardigans so I can't complain.

Evelyne  – (8:27 am)  

Further from Mel's idea - I'd cut the sleeves off a thermal skivvy, so that your sleeves don't get bunched up by the viscose knit - you won't see it underneath, but that won't work if you want more warmth on the sleeves. Just a thought. By the way - loving it so far.

Fer  – (2:56 pm)  

Even a black scivvy would work under it (I live in scivvies this time of year!). Hope we get to see it modelled very soon. :-)

nic  – (3:37 am)  

ooh yes. layer away, i say! you are clever and resourceful and's really quite unfair. :)

Sew on Trend  – (12:47 am)  

Can't wait to see a full picture of the dress. The fabric looks so good, somehow matches a sky with dark clouds.

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