Jorth's yearly knitting delusion


Oh, look! I'm going to have myself a gorgeous striped jumper in no time. No, really! Cinch to whip up, yeah? That little beauty will be done in days...
(Pattern from Phildar Automne/Hiver 2002)

Evelyne  – (7:22 pm)  

That won't take that long - will it? Can just see you in that - looks great.

Tania  – (7:41 pm)  

Evelyne's right. 'Twould suit you right down to the ground. Your problem is that you whip up such bloody sewing loveliness in no time flat! Am slightly (insanely) jealous about that particular talent...

Lisa  – (8:10 pm)  

whip one up for me too, please would ya love? Ta...

nikkishell  – (10:17 pm)  

So you finished the yoga wrap then? Yes? No? ahem?

Great pattern, i'll have one too please. ;)

nic  – (2:33 am)  

holy moley...that's enough to make this girl run for the hills! you, however, are probably already done with that bunch of stripey goodness. can't wait to see!

Rachel  – (2:31 pm)  

Well, if people are putting in orders, I'll jump in line too! Are you making it in that colour-way? It's going to look great.

Karen  – (9:28 pm)  

Sounds like my yearly pledge to learn to knit....I'm standing in queue as well :)

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