Baby face, you've got the cutest little baby face...

Do you remember when I was chubby? And blonde? With curls in my hair?

Nah, me neither. Thank goodness for photographic evidence, then. And look - I'm wearing a hand made dress! Some things never change.
Me at 3

Anybody else care to share their baby photos?

Rachel  – (9:27 am)  

Aw, so cute!! When did you hair change colour? I was blonde until I was about 4, then my hair started to go brown. Funny how it changes isn't it.

Evelyne  – (9:35 am)  

Wow - I would never have recognised you in a "pick who's who" competition. Sweet picture!!

Tanit-Isis  – (12:07 pm)  

Aww. My dad was a blonde child, too, but by the time I remember him his hair was nearly black.

Ok, <a href=">here you go</a>... age 3, wearing a Folkwear patterns dress my mom made me. :)

Fer  – (3:15 pm)  

Awwww, aren't you the cutest thing!

Here you go -

nic  – (4:29 am)  

so basically you've always been gorgeous, eh? this is largely unfair. i feel like my life has been one long succession of awkward stages...but i'm holding out hope of being STUNNING in my sixties. one never knows.

Lorena O'Neal  – (10:58 am)  

just nominated you for the stylish blogger award on my blog :)

Gail  – (12:22 pm)  

I don't have any, which makes me think perhaps I really am a stolen Russian princess!

oonaballoona  – (3:28 am)  

UNBEARABLY CUTE. does it kill you that you don't have this dress anymore? clothes rocked then.

i had to play:

nette  – (6:06 am)  

I totally agree with oonaballoona! That dress is just tooo sweet and you were a real cutie.

I also joined you and oonaballoona:

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