And then there were four


Two things:
(1) All the above four dolls, and 19 out of the 23 dresses sold at the school fete. Hoorah! Yay for me!

(2) I really, really, REALLY need to take my Christmas cards down. It's nearly April, right?!?!


Tas  – (11:35 am)  

I am not surprised at your success :) (Did I mention how stunning those dolls are?) Maybe the Easter bunny will take the cards with him when he visits...

Rachel  – (12:31 pm)  

I'm not surprised at all! I LOVE the little red-headed one - my little ginger niece would go bonkers for her. I might have to make her one for her b'day - which is the same as my due date, so I better get a wriggle on!

Jorth!  – (12:42 pm)  

Rachel - hee hee, the red haired one is also Grumble's fav. Her grandfather actually bought it to send to his other grandaughter in Switzerland, would you believe!

Anna Bartlett  – (1:21 pm)  

I love the detail on your faces and that they're SO BIG! Those fete organisers must LOVE you!

Melissa G  – (1:55 pm)  

Well done! I bet they were sold in a blink of an eye.

Fer  – (3:21 pm)  

Woot! Great to see all that time spent paid off.

Um yeah, better take down the Christmas cards..... :-)

sean the prawn  – (10:54 pm)  

wow, they are super cute, no wonder they sold so well.

Karen  – (11:27 pm)  

Wow 23 dresses, four dolls! Jorth your a star lovely. I thought I was doing well with 6 roller sausagedogs and two superhero dolls for our school fete. Can we have pics of the dresses? Hats off to you :)

Nik  – (7:13 am)  

Score! That's awesome.

nic  – (9:30 am)  

you are all kinds of awesome...i think you could single-handedly keep grumbles' school in business!

Kelly  – (12:11 pm)  

Wow, they are so pretty i love them ♥

MushyWear  – (7:11 pm)  

Yay for you! I think you've made some young ones very happy!

Lauren –   – (12:19 am)  

wow these are absolutely stunning!! you are one very talented lady!

Meredith –   – (4:37 pm)  

Are you selling these now? I would love to buy one.

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