Black Drapey done!


Well, angels or no angels, I finally got my black Drape Drape dress done. I found it was a wee bit longer than I wanted it to be, so I gathered it up some more, and teamed it with a belt. Voila! Snazzy black drape drape dress in a length that suits me!

Project Details
No. 17 drape drape dress from Drape Drape Japanese pattern book
Fabric: 3m of Birdie Black Orbit, a viscose jersey blend from Tessuti Fabrics (yes, 3m does seem like a lot, but there is bucket loads of draping in this)

Jenny  – (1:15 pm)  

Love it! You could wear this as a cocktail dress on a dinner date with your hubby. Or wear it in the day time with a cardigan and flats!

Gail  – (2:27 pm)  

Wow, that is so cute on you. I admire people who sew with the Japanese pattern books. I have Drape book 1, but so far have only looked at the picture!

nikkishell  – (7:35 pm)  

Sexy legs!!!
LOVE the dress, can you make me one? ;)

vivatveritas  – (8:27 pm)  

it looks great on you! i love it. perfect dress for a night out:)


nic  – (12:45 pm)  

ooh la la! what a snazzy little number...and jorthy, you have got the goods on the gams. (ooh la la on those too!!)

Fer  – (2:38 pm)  

Love it! Suits you so perfectly.

Footwear  – (5:36 pm)  

lovely outfits I like the color combination of footwear and suit

Jacquie  – (9:40 pm)  

Stunning, as is everything you make. I haven't had the nerve to attempt a Drape Drape pattern so am in awe!

oonaballoona  – (4:59 am)  

divine! the angels must be pleased (if they are able to tear themselves away from your gams).

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