The Floral Etro 8184

Jorth sat at her computer, staring with a slight frown at the monitor. What, oh what should she name her new dress. "Think, Jorthy, think!" she muttered. "It was going to be my contingency plan dress for the Tessuti Christmas party, in case my other one didn't work out, so maybe I could call it The Contingency Dress. But, alas, the word 'contigency' always makes me think of the word incontinence, and we don't want any of those connotations. So I think we'll scratch that idea out."

Staring aimlessly at the wall, she was suddenly hit with an idea: "Maybe I could call it my Christmas Day Mass dress. After all, it did have it's debut there, and that lovely older German man called Wolfgang who sat next to me did comment on how nice it looked. Oh gah, that name won't fly - much too pious. Maybe Wolfgang Liked? Oh heavens, that will never work!"

She drummed her fingers lightly on the keyboard, and thought as hard as she could. However, it didn't take long before her thoughts began to slither away from the subject at hand. "I wonder if rock stars have as much trouble naming their albums... gosh it's been a long time since I bought a decent record...I'm certainly not buying any of that Lady GaGa crap... I detest anybody who thinks a dress made of meat is cool... oh yeah, I really should buy some veggie burgers for tomorrow's Australia Day bike ride and bbq..."

Suddenly Grumbles stuck her head around the corner. "Mum! Have you finished your blog yet? C'mon, I want to go to the library!"

"Sure, honey!" answered Jorth, and with a slightly defeated sigh slowly typed in The Floral Etro 8184. "Bugger it!", she thought as she clicked Publish Post. Like time, Grumbles and the library waits for no man.


Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8184
Fabric: "Repeat The Love", a floral Etro linen from Tessuti Fabrics. I used 1.5m
Notions: 35cm zip

Just to jazz things up a little, I created centre-based straps. I'm quite happy with them - in particular how such a simple alteration can really change the look of a pattern. And we all know how much I love an 8184 - you just can't go wrong with this pattern! It's got such a gorgeous 50's style shape, and the skirt is pefect, absolutely perfect for riding my bike in!

Rachel  – (10:35 am)  

I want that dress! It is gorgeous. I have 8184, and have never sewn it, but it is moving up my list.

nic  – (10:40 am)  

oh my, this is darling! i adore the happy floral and that nifty thing you did with the straps.

ps 'incontinence dress' has a certain ring to it. just sayin'. :)

Liesl  – (10:40 am)  

Its gorgeous - I love the centre-based straps. (Methinks the dress had a narrow escape with the Wolfgang moniker).

Sue  – (10:43 am)  

It looks gorgeous on you!

oonaballoona  – (10:56 am)  

love the post and the inner workings of jorth naming! etro 8184. nice. it sounds very orwell-ian.

vivatveritas  – (12:50 pm)  

hi! i found you through burdastyle's top page this morning! what a lovely dress - it looks really great on you!

xx chie

Bernice  – (2:42 pm)  

This dress looks stunning on you. The neckline is fabulous. I bought that same pattern last year and just pulled it out this morning to make a muslin. Fingers crossed.

Colette  – (2:56 pm)  

Oh my! I L.O.V.E this.So particular what you've done with the straps.

I think I need to give this pattern a try.

jorth  – (2:58 pm)  

Maybe we need an 8184 sew-a-long...!

Home's Jewels  – (6:34 pm)  

It looks amazing on you! Nicely done.

Nanette  – (7:05 pm)  

Good grief! This is an absolutely outstanding frock.
LOVE the photos.

Gail  – (7:40 pm)  

Gorgeous dress. I have 1.5 metres of this fabric and can't decide what to do with it!

velosewer  – (9:07 pm)  

Great choice of fabric and your design change has given it a real designer edge. Enjoy yourself. You look great.

Evelyne  – (9:20 pm)  

C'est tres jolie!!! Yet another Jorth creation - well done!!

nikkishell  – (10:50 pm)  

It fits you so well and you look oh so pretty in it :)

Lauren  – (8:19 am)  

Jorth you have done it again! Dreaming of the warm weather to wear a lovely like this in. ;)

cherri  – (10:38 pm)  

Just beautiful...very nice.

Samantha  – (2:46 pm)  

I want this dress! You've sold the fabric to me - I have to have it! I bought the pattern this morning and now just have to buy the fabric! Even though I already have piles of fabric from Tessuti in the cupboard with patterns to make...

I love your blog, follow it and love the beautiful clothes you sew. You're very clever! I simply had to get my hands on some La Sandra Liberty of London when you made that gorgeous dress - now I might make a 8184 with it!

Is the Miss Sixty jersey fabric as lovely in the flesh as it is on the website? I'm thinking a little Winter dress? What do you think?

Fran  – (3:08 pm)  

Elegant, beautiful, summery, perfect!

Bring on the sew along........

Fer  – (4:12 pm)  

Just gorgeous! How about you call it "Repeat the Etro"?

Catherine  – (8:13 pm)  

I would so be up for a sew-along, so glad I hadn't cut out my version yet, I think I may have to have centre-based straps too!

DeniseAngela  – (9:00 am)  

This is such a pretty dress! love the fabric! thanks for visiting my blog too!!

Marina  – (11:00 pm)  

Stunning dress and you look great in it (all three of you!!). Am having trouble with straps which fall off the shoulders, so maybe your strap idea would be just the ticket to solve that problem...

Anonymous –   – (2:20 am)  

I wanted to ask about the sizing of this pattern as your dress is stunning and I'm between sizes. Does the pattern run large?

(Sorry for being anonymous, I don't have an account)


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