Drape Drape 2 dress

Okey dokey, so it's confession time: I actually made this dress from the Drape Drape 2 book a couple of months ago, but with all the surrounding hecticness that is the yuletide/end of school/summer holidays season I gosh dang forgot to get Galumph to photograph it. Thankfully Grumbles was able to step into the breach and get a-clicking for me.

Drape Drape 2 #2

Truly, it is amazing that I haven't had a photo taken of this dress before now because I wear it all the blooming time! It's so comfy, but I always feel quite snazzy and dressed up in it. Can't really ask too much more from a summer frock!

As for making it up, it was a cinch. I was a wee bit nervous beforehand, as the book and all the instructions are in Japanese, but the step-by-step diagrams were so clear and obvious that I had no trouble at all. If you can sew, you can definitely make up a Japanese pattern. I think this dress took me all of, say, two hours. Not too shabby!

Project Details
Pattern: Dress #2 from Drape Drape 2
Fabric: 1.5m of "Jelly Orbit" from Tessuti Fabrics (the Jelly is now sold out, but other colours at the time of writing are still available)

PS: Thanks Grumbles for taking the photos. You've done a splendid bang up job!

Mardi  – (3:22 pm)  

It looks amazing. I love working with stretches but always hate the finishing of hems etc. How did you bind the arm and neck for it to look so professional?
Mardi :-)

Mardi  – (3:22 pm)  

It looks amazing. I love working with stretches but always hate the finishing of hems etc. How did you bind the arm and neck for it to look so professional?
Mardi :-)

jorth  – (3:28 pm)  

Hi Mardi - thanks for stopping by.

To finish the neck and arms, I made a binding tape, which was a long piece folded in half horizontally. I sewed this on to the front of the neck/arm edge with raw edges together.

I then overlocked the raw edges, then flipped the binding up, and top stitched the overlocked edge on the wrong side so it would sit in place.

Hope that helps! xo Leisl

dee  – (4:11 pm)  

Wow! I love it!

That colour is made for you.

Rachel  – (4:50 pm)  

That colour is fantastic on you!!

CreativeMama  – (5:34 pm)  

I am trying to draft this pattern by self. would you mind clarifying how many seams does this have especially at sides. and what is the grain?


Scared Stitchless  – (6:45 pm)  

This looks amazing! I've often looked through japanese pattern books and been frightened off. Such simple pieces and yet so much confusing type on the page. Perhaps I should conquer this fear and just try one! Thanks for the idea!

nikkishell  – (8:58 pm)  

I TOLD you it was better to get the kid to take your photos!
Lovely dress, looks a little like mine :P

Evelyne  – (9:30 pm)  

That colour - it looks smashing on you. LOVE IT!!!
Damn, should have bought some, while I had the EFTPOS out of the wallet!! - Truly, that colour really suits you and am so glad that you chose it... Looks FAB!

Rachel  – (9:57 pm)  

Wow it's really pretty. That colour is gorgeous!

cherri  – (11:59 pm)  

Hi Jorth

That dress is a real stunner - that colour is so hot right now!

How did you merge those two photos - it looks great!

Stella  – (12:25 am)  

Wow, nice. I can totally see this as a perfect summer dress. And, if I could make it kneelength, not a bad alternative for work with a little blazer!

nic  – (5:41 am)  

holy gorgeousness, jorthy. rarely do i see a dress marry comfort and panache, but this one is amazing.

and could you BE any cuter? the world is largely unfair. :)

Mrs. Joanz  – (6:24 am)  

Beautiful! Was the pictures that detailed that a "advanced beginner sewer" like me won't need written instructions. I may order me a book!

Sherry  – (8:10 am)  

Gorgeous - the perfect dress for a hot and humid summer day!
My son loves the continuous shooting mode. Great photos Grumbles!

Ellen  – (8:40 am)  

I brought both Drape Drape 1 & 2 but haven't made anything from them yet. Glad to hear it was easy to follow the patterns even if you don't read Japanese. There is hope! And your dress looks great too!

lizajane  – (10:17 am)  

Wow, this is really beautiful! I love the two photos together.

Gail  – (12:21 pm)  

Super stylish. I have Drape book 1 but i think 2 is better.

erin  – (1:12 pm)  

It is beautiful! I just bought myself Drape Drape I & II for Christmas. I had to laugh. I'm a small American but an Extra-large Japanese person. Did you think the pattern ran true to size?

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Corrie  – (8:14 pm)  

I love this dress soooooooooooo much! the colour, the style, the modelling....perfect. Unfortunately I am all hips and thighs so I think it would draw attention to that fact! on you, it's perfect.........well done


Nimblefingerssteadyeyebrows  – (4:06 am)  

Beautiful blog, and I am in love with this dress. I want one, will have to get my sewing fingers out this year.


charlotteauzou  – (8:54 am)  

Simple and original. Just perfect ! And the color is really pretty.

Megan meggipeg  – (12:29 pm)  

Your dress looks fantastic. I have just traced the pattern to make my own. I'm just wondering if I should add some length. I am around 5'9". Could I ask how tall you are and whether you changed the length? Thanks so much, Megan

Jorth!  – (3:49 pm)  

Hi Megan,

I'm 5'5", and I didn't change the length at all, but if you are worried, you should definitely add some extra length. After all, you can always take it off again!

Megan meggipeg  – (1:03 pm)  

Hello again, just to let you know that I made my Drape Drape 2 dress and ended up not adding any length as I ran out of fabric - oops! Anyway it turned out pretty well, so thank you for your help :) You can see it here if you are interested http://www.meggipeg.com/2012/11/drape-drape-2-no-2-and-some-thoughts-on.html

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