My favourite black pants

The perfect pair of black pants. It's like the holy grail of fashion, isn't it - that and finding the perfect pair of jeans. Sometimes it can feel like mission impossible. Does such a thing truly exist?

Now, I don't know about you, but it feels like my own personal search for the holy grail has gone on for years. Most of the time it ends up with tears in change rooms and whimpers of "Nagdammit! My bum DOES look big in these!" Or, perversely, you find a pair that might just fit the bill, and then have a look at the price tag, which means that even if the pants come close to perfect, the price you must pay doesn't, so back on the rack they go. And so the search would go on. Every where you looked, black pants would dangle on their hangers catching your eye but there was always something wrong: legs too long, legs too wide, legs to short, waist too high, seat too baggy, fabric too nasty, cut too fugly. You find yourself back at home wearing your old faithful pair that have been washed and worn too many times and is starting to look beyond sad, but what choice do you have? The new perfect pair still eludes you.

If you've been in this situation, and feel like your search will never come to an end then rejoice, dear friends, rejoice! For I, Jorth, have gone boldly into black pant territory where many fear to tread, and have found the perfect pair indeed!

Ok, ok - so the caveat is that you'll have to make them yourself. But trust me - the best part about these pants is that they were a cinch, an absolute cinch to whip up. Hoorah!

Black Pleated Pants

Project Details
Pattern: #105 from Burda Style Magazine 6/2010
Fabric: 1.5m of "Something Black", a luscious cotton/viscose blend from Tessuti Fabrics. This fabric was so lovely to work with.
Notions: 22cm invisible zip, and interfacing for the waist band

Just in case you haven't guessed, I love these pants! They are super comfy to wear, and the weight is perfect for summer. I made mine up in size 36 without the side seam allowances, which means that they sit loosely on my waist, which is exactly how I like my summer pants to be. The fabric has a lovely sheen to it, which instantly makes the pants look quite dressy, particularly with the pleat details. I'm planning another pair for winter, but in a wool blend.

Besides the seam allowances, the only other alteration I made was to straighten and lengthen the leg. The original pattern calls for a curved hem on the pant going along the inside leg seam, but aesthetically that didn't appeal, so I made mine straight instead.

Jenny –   – (2:18 pm)  

They ARE lovely! but i've got what we call in my family a 'gasometer' which is a fat tummy!

Enjoy the perfect pants - alas, I fear my search continues...

Fer  – (2:59 pm)  

Gorgeous! They suit you perfectly. :)

Scared Stitchless  – (3:47 pm)  

Hooray for the perfect black pant! They look super snazzy. One day I shall use my (not so amazing) sewing skills to make some as well. Enjoy!

dee  – (5:11 pm)  

these pants look fantastic!

very inspiring!

Miss Jackson  – (5:24 pm)  

Very nice - perfect for summer. I need to get on to my summer pants asap!

Evelyne  – (5:41 pm)  

Great job - looks like you bought them. I had the perfect pants - copied them, then put on weight....zumba tonight for me.

katherine h  – (7:11 pm)  

Cute pants. I especially love the pleats off the curved wasitband.

Kat  – (8:20 pm)  

Jorth, do you work at Tessuti Fabrics?? Your pants look very summery.

Love Sundays  – (8:34 pm)  

They are perfect, I love them, I am going to chase that pattern down, I have always been too scared to try pants but I am now tempted, thank you.

nette  – (9:01 pm)  

I love your version! It looks great a little longer and the fabric seems to be just perfect for these pants. Congrats on finding your favorite pants! ;)

Colette  – (9:57 pm)  

I love these on you. Don't know if they'd suit my shape - I'd love to give them a try. Sure do need to make some pants!

nikkishell  – (10:12 pm)  

Perfect on you but i'll need to make some slight adjustments for my curvy derrière ;)
Still gonna make them though, once i've decided on a fabric ;)

Cristina  – (2:47 am)  

Ah, very, very nice! I am tempted to try these.

~Sherry~  – (4:42 am)  

They look fabulous on you!

Rachel  – (11:25 am)  

They look fantastic! Great fabric choice -- would look great in linen too.

2inthebush  – (2:53 pm)  

They are divine. Now to figure out how to get a copy of that issue of Burda Style....

Gail  – (5:12 pm)  

I traced this pattern to make in black linen. I wasn't certain about the curved hemline either. I think I will follow your example and go straight. They are so practical and appealing.

Julia  – (12:35 am)  

You look great in these! I guess that's the idea you were going for in your quest for the perfect black pants, huh? You succeeded!

Ingrid –   – (2:00 pm)  

These look fantastic! I've been thinking of making a pair of these... I only hope they look half as good on me as they do on you.

HollyC  – (1:39 pm)  

Hi there! Do you know if they have uploaded that pattern on Burda Style? I would love to make it but don't have access to that copy of Burda Mag...

Jorth!  – (1:50 pm)  

Hi Holly,

I've just checked on the BurdaStyle website for you, and it doesn't look like they are online. Sorry!

HollyC  – (8:04 am)  

Hey Jorth!
I just found out that my library stocks 2 years worth of magazines, Yay!!!
Thanks for looking for me.
I love your blog, really inspirational!

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