The Stripey Bandit

There's a new bandit in town. You'll know her by her clever disguise - she can bounce the sun's glare directly into your eyes from her mask, rendering you blind and enabling her a quick get away.

You may also know her by her dodgy dance moves. The Stripey Bandit sure does like to rock on!

Stripey Dress 1

Stripey Dress 2

Stripey Dress 3

Project Details

Pattern: Dress #12 from Ottobre Design Magazine 2/2005
Fabric: 1m of stripey cotton print, which wasn't quite enough - boy did I do some head scratching trying to fit all the pattern pieces in! Still, yet enough stash buster, so I'm pleased.
Notions: elastic for sleeves and neckline

I adore this dress - I'm so happy with how the stripes look going both ways. It's a winner!

Sue  – (6:04 pm)  

What a cute bandit you have in your midst, even dancing in a beautiful stripey dress!

dee  – (7:29 pm)  

hehehe laughing at the 'dodgy dance moves' mention.

lovely job with the dress!

cherri  – (9:05 pm)  

That bandit must be recruiting sidekicks becuase we have dodgy dance moves here today too...

Her dress is lovely - well done on fabric statsh busting...(will you be replacing that used metre with another?)

Rachel  – (8:25 am)  

Very cute. I want one for myself!

Megbud  – (8:34 pm)  

Cute dress, but the stripey bandit is the show stealer!

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