Pink Baby Shrug

Pink Baby Shrug

It feels a bit weird to be sitting inside on a 28 C day, knitting away despite the sunshine calling my name, but I've become an aunty for the first time on my husband's side so I couldn't let this momentous occasion slip by without a handknit now, could I?

Besides, I'm a big believer in welcoming a brand new, much-longed-for soul into the world with their very own knit, made for nobody else but them. And despite the copious sunshine today, the weather is predicted to take a turn for the worse, if not for the nasty, so while it will be bad for all the hypothermic race goers, it will be pleasant indeed for me. I shall spend the weekend contentedly perched on the couch, knitting away with a cup of tea near by, happily listening to the rain as I think joyful thoughts about the wee one that has come safely into this world.

Besides, how stinkin' cute is this knit? The pattern is a Debbie Bliss one, and better than that - it's a FREE Debbie Bliss one. Hoorah! You can get your paws on the pattern right over here.

Gail  – (2:46 pm)  

cute shrug. That weather presenter is so charismatic...not! Prompted me to look at Sydney's weather on Tuesday. 21 degrees max cloudy. Perhaps I'll have to rethink my sleeveless number for the charity lunch.

Sue  – (4:35 pm)  

Congratulations on being an auntie! The little shrug is super cute and yes I totally agree that newborns should have their very own special knit. I always try and knit items for special babies in my life too.

Clare B  – (7:15 pm)  

Perfect! I've been looking for a quick baby knit for some new bubs coming in Autumn. Thanks.

Fer  – (8:11 pm)  

How wonderful! That's a super sweet knit, I also love the romper that baby is wearing too. :-)

Lisa  – (11:26 pm)  

Beautiful! Great color!

Julia  – (12:39 am)  

i've got to learn to knit and crochet better!!!!

Sandy  – (7:38 am)  

I'm about to become an auntie for the first time on my husband's side too--I understand completely the choice you made...Congrats to your family! (And cute shrug!)

Frogdancer  – (7:36 am)  

Thanks for the link to all of those patterns. I've bookmarked it.

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