What the Knitting SWAT team would see...

Phildar Magazines

Control Centre: Knitting Surveillance, can you call in with your location and target please copy over.

KS: CC, currently outside target's home... she's been knitting, but has just taken a delivery...over

CC: Delivery? Can we get a zoom in on that? Is it contraband? Over.

KS: Nope, French knitting magazines... Phildar, I think. Yes, confirmation, five Phildar mags, over.

KS: Update, CC, update! Target has changed location. She remains at home, but is now on the couch, nursing a cup of tea and sighing contentedly whilst flicking through magazines.

Control Centre: Come on in to office, Knitting Surveillance... that target won't be going anywhere this afternoon. You guys may as well take a load off. Over and out.

Staci at Craftify It !  – (2:08 pm)  

Just found your blog & am loving it! I am your newest follower!

Rachel  – (3:11 pm)  

You crack me up. I am just about to sup some chai tea and read over the instructions for the dress I'm making. Perfect day for it.

Fer  – (4:47 pm)  

Oh no, what are you doing to us! More knitting inspiration? I can't take much more!! ;)

Evelyne  – (8:15 pm)  

Yep - I concur with Fer! Inspiration or temptation. I'm in love with Phil (Phildar)
Ps. Don't tell my husband.

nikkishell  – (9:32 pm)  

Could the target please bring those magazines into work on Monday? Ta.x

Christie  – (10:51 pm)  

Wow- those mags look great, how's your French?

Adelle  – (4:16 am)  

French knitting mags - how chic! My knitter-friends would be so jealous. Me, I've had the same scarf half-crocheted in my "knitting bag" for, what, three or four years now? Yup.

Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words! I love that bum-shot - both my boys sleep bum-up. I catch them at it even still, at 7 and 3.

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