Vogue 8511 - The Shorty Short Version

It was a beautiful sunny day, and Jorth was riding her bike to work wearing her new Vogue 8511 when she heard the tell tale siren of a police car behind her, warning somebody to pull over. With a shock, Jorth realised the siren was for her. In a panic, she quickly gave her bike the once over. Lights present and flashing? Check. Helmet on? Check. Reflectors in all the right places? Check. What could possibly be the problem?

As she pulled over and dismounted from her bike, the police slowed down, rolled down their window and said "Nice legs there, short skirt!" and then drove off in a puff of exhaust fumes and macho chuckling.

"Nagdammit!" said a red-faced Jorth, climbing back on the bike in a huff. "I knew I shouldn't have shortened the skirt by 16cm. What the heck was I thinking?"

She then rode off, all too aware of the breeze freely circulating around her nether regions and promising herself this would be the last time she wore such a short skirt whilst riding her bike.***


***I'd just like to clarify that this didn't actually happen. I am well aware that our policemen (and woman) are hardworking people doing what can be at times a ghastly job, and not only do I take my hat off to them but regard them with nothing but respect. I just let my imagination run away from me when writing this post in the hope that blog readers would get a chuckle out of it. Sorry for any confusion caused! It truly is nothing but a piece of fiction. However the sad chopping off of 16cm of fabric? That, alas, is the truth...

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8511
Fabric: 1.6m Japanese cotton from Tessuti Fabrics
Notions: 22" zip, hook and eye

Well, as regular readers will know this is the third (oh the shame!) version of this dress I've made. Really, I promise I will stop now. Even though it's so easy to whip up, and is super comfy to wear, and - apart from issues of public decency and self-modesty - is rather easy to ride a bike in.

What can I say? I like to get my money's worth out of a pattern!

cherri  – (1:34 pm)  

Oh dear - that is hilarious! What a nice compliment though!

Your dress is lovely - such an intersting combination of skirt to bodice - is that a pleat in the skirt or did the belt gather it that way?

Gorgeous dress there short skirt...hehehe

katherine h  – (1:54 pm)  

Hey cute dress! Tell me, can you also ride a bike in high heels? I'm impressed.

Moira –   – (1:56 pm)  

I love the dress. I think it looks amazing short and love the imaginative trip you took me on

Gail  – (3:21 pm)  

Lol! Well when you have it, flaunt it.

Erin –   – (3:31 pm)  

Is it wrong that my first thought was 'Oh, I wonder if that police office was my friend J****?"

Anyway, the short skirt looks great. If those were my legs I'd cut it even SHORTER.

Fer  – (3:55 pm)  

Why stop making it? Especially with legs like that!

Michelle  – (5:51 pm)  

Oh dear - that story is too funny! Love the dress, and if I had a set of pins like yours I'd be making all my skirts and dresses shorter to show them off!

Uta  – (10:00 pm)  

Great dress! You wear short skirts very well. I bet the police really wanted to do this, too! (Even though they didn't.)

Lisa  – (11:21 pm)  

How cute are YOU? Love it!

Jenny –   – (11:57 pm)  

great story, and I think we, the readers, all agree that it SHOULD be true!

~Sherry~  – (5:32 am)  

Love your new dress! It looks great that length - you can pull it off!

nikkishell  – (8:22 am)  

You are not allowed to wear this dress to work ever again, only because i get extremely jealous of your lovely long legs ;)

Betty Darling  – (10:01 am)  

love the short version, if I had your pins I'd have all my dresses that lenght!!! it looks great. I made a draft of the pattern yesterday, to see how if fits, I'm going for the sleeveless version and cut a little bit off the skirt for smaller pleats, hope it turns out as lovley as yours!

Katherine  – (11:01 pm)  

You could always wear bike shorts underneath for your travelling trips, and then sneak them off when you arrive!

Tas  – (7:48 pm)  

Lol, don't sweat it. I've done 4 Barcelona skirts to date and am still thinking of future variations....Can't have too much of a good thing.

h&b  – (6:46 pm)  

oh my goodness, i'm sorry I haven't been here for ages, as your imagination is a hoot! I loved reading that, and I love how you model your wares - you're such a fab model - I can imagine you as a 60's Jean Shrimpton type, maybe with some white eyeliner and creamy blue eyeshadow .. you're fabulous!

nette  – (5:31 pm)  

I just found your blog via BurdaStyle. You have some really beautiful projects! I love this dress of yours! The fabric choice matches the pattern perfectly and it looks great on you! Will follow you definitely from now on. :)

Maybe you would like to visit me, too? I started my blog about 2 weeks ago.

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