The Liberty Dress

Liberty Dress
What's a girl to do when it's raining, it's pouring, the light is fading rapidly but she has a brand new Liberty jersey print dress to show off?

Get out and take a pic anyway, using her daughter's totally sophisticated bird umbrella as a prop!

Totally, totally loving this dress. The Liberty was an absolute dream to work with. It was so well behaved, and didn't do any of that nasty stretching or buckling that some jerseys can do when you sew with them. Bliss!

Project Details
Pattern: McCalls 5752
Fabric: 2.4m Liberty Jersey from Tessuti Fabrics

To be honest, though, I did find the pattern to be a bit needlessly fiddly. The mid section, for example, had you gather pieces which were then sewn onto a backing. All well and good, but then they ask you to sew another facing onto the back of that. Needless to say, I didn't both doing that, as it seemed (a) pointlesss and (b) like it would do nothing but add extra bulk to the mid section. Trust me - after having a child, you want to minimise bulk in that area at all costs!

Apart from that it was a fairly simple pattern to make. Although, you could probably make a sack out of Liberty, and it would look awesome!

PS: If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the Liberty jersey giveaway!

Michelle  – (10:59 am)  

OMG! How fantastic is your dress! I love it! It's a great pattern, but the Liberty fabric is the total scene stealer.

Cute photo too. Can I steal that brolly?

Liesl  – (10:59 am)  

Its gorgeous! I must come and fondle that fabulous Liberty Jersey soon (ahem, I mean at the shop ... not your dress)

Tess  – (11:23 am)  

This is one of my favourites yet! It looks comfy yet super stylish. High five Jorth.

Sarah  – (11:45 am)  

Beautiful! Looks perfect with the umbrella too. Thanks for sharing!

Fer  – (12:32 pm)  

Another stunner! I agree with you about temperamental jerseys - although I find interlock even more fickle. If I don't win the giveaway then I'll have to bite the bullet and treat myself to some Liberty loveliness!

Gail  – (12:47 pm)  

Fer has just stolen my thunder. Perfect combination of fabric and pattern design.

cherri  – (12:55 pm)  

In the words of Usher...Oh...My...God! That is an awesome dress - well done.

~Sherry~  – (1:50 pm)  

Gorgeous dress! It is classic but edgy and I bet it is comfortable too!

Rachel  – (4:32 pm)  

Lovely, that print is stunning!

Rachel  – (4:54 pm)  

I love it - you look gorgeous in it.

Alana  – (5:27 pm)  

Love the dress... and the umbrella!

Betty Darling  – (8:09 pm)  

Absolutely gorgeous, perfect fabric and pattern combo!! It reminds me a little of a DVF wrap, but nicer!

katherine h  – (9:18 pm)  

If I was wearing that dress, I'd be singin' in the rain

Uta  – (10:08 pm)  

Very elegant dress. And the photo is great!

Evelyne  – (9:14 am)  

Another winner! Great pattern but just shows that material makes all the difference. Well done!!

Tas  – (5:39 pm)  

Wow. You look gorgeous. Beautiful dress.

Mademoiselle M.  – (2:43 am)  

Your dress looks gorgeous! I was really in a hurry to see the final reasult and it's even more beautiful that I was expected! Congrats! Can't wait to see the next one

sooz  – (2:57 pm)  

What a triumph! Not often something stands up as a winner on every level, but this one is right up there. I bet you are just busting with I'm so fantastic pride :-)

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