Happy Birthday to me... and a Liberty Jersey giveaway!

Today is my 33rd birthday - hoorah! As a way to celebrate the milestone, and also as a way to give a big thank you to all my lovely readers, I'm having a birthday giveaway.

What's this we have over here? Could it be... is it really... well, shake my boots - it's 1.5 metres of Liberty Jersey goodness!

Liberty Jersey

All you need to do to get your hot little hands on the Rolls Royce of fabrics is to leave a comment, and be a follower of my blog. If you're not already a follower then scoot on over and become one. Really, it's too easy! Make sure you leave your name/blog address in the comment so I can find you easily. I'm happy to ship world wide (good grief, this aging business sure is making me generous!) so skedaddle to the comments section and give yourself a fighting chance!

The competition shall remain open until Monday 26th July. Best of luck, and thanks for being the best blog readers in the whole flipping world!

Leah  – (7:32 am)  

Happy Birthday! I love your tag of gorgeous gorgeous things - this material definitely fits in that category.

Tanya  – (8:05 am)  

oh that jersey is just too pretty! you are a jem jorth...

Melinda  – (8:28 am)  

Happy Birthday! What a lovely lady you are giving away such lovely fabric.

I'm already a follower :)

Jenny  – (8:32 am)  

Aren't you supposed to be receiving, not giving for your birthday? LOL... happy birthday!

Tanya  – (8:40 am)  

i do believe i forgot to wish you well dear Jorth, i was sidetracked by the whole liberty jersey thing im sorry!
Happy happy Birthday...

ps- does following on bloglovin count?

Echo –   – (8:53 am)  

Happy Birthday.... love the fabric and can't wait to see the dress on you :o) Echo

katherine h  – (9:03 am)  

Well a great big Happy Birthday to you! I love that fabric...how can you bear to part with such gorgeousness??

zofia  – (9:05 am)  

Happy Birthday to you- Hooray!
I enjoy reading your blog exploits,
and that is gorgeous fabric to win! Thank you for the chance :)

Evelyne  – (9:19 am)  

Happy Birthday Jorth (L). Hope you celebrated on the w/end...You are a lovely lady with such a generous spirit. Best wishes for a happy day..."not working, are you?"... Sewhooked (Evelyne)

Bugalugs aka Jacqui  – (9:19 am)  

Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a wonderful day full of laughter and joy!

Love the Liberty fabric giveaway too ;-)

Kate  – (9:42 am)  

Happy Birthday - love that fabric, cant wait to see your dress.

Tas  – (10:01 am)  

Just pulling myself away for oggling that gorgeous fabric to wish you a very happy birthday! You are generous. I am not sure that I could part with that fabric, no matter how much I had!

Kat  – (10:04 am)  

Happy Birthday - I am already a follower of your blog - gorgeous fabric! I will definately be keeping ym fingers crossed for this one.

Maggie  – (10:15 am)  

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. I have you in my blog reader, does that make me a follower? If no let me know how. I still have 3 months left of 33, best Wishes for a fantastic year!

~Sherry~  – (10:15 am)  

Ooh - Happy Birthday! 33 is a great age - I was there once! I will add that yours is one of the best blogs in the whole flipping world! Lovely photography and wonderful personality :)

Ruth Quibell  – (10:25 am)  

I haven't left a comment before, but as it's your birthday it's a very good opportunity to say how much I enjoy your blog - great writing, fascinating creations. You're on my blog roll, and I always look forward to seeing when one of your new blogs arrives there. Thank you, and have a wonderful 33rd birthday, Jorth!

Bernice  – (10:46 am)  

I'm a big fan of birthdays so happy birthday to you! I hope your day is filled with mirth, magic and marvellousness!

Fer  – (10:56 am)  

Happy Birthday Jorth! You've said some of my favourite words in this post: 'giveaway', 'Liberty' and 'jersey'. What a treat!

AmeliaSews  – (11:10 am)  

Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful day! Thanks for your generosity. The Fabric is gorgeous!

Tania  – (11:27 am)  

It's birthday central around these parts too - but did you sleep last night what with all that excitement and anticipation? Wishing you a veritable showering of treats and spoilings and a most excellent thirty third year...

m.e (Cathie)  – (12:15 pm)  

happy birthday Jorth!!
hope you have an amazingly magical day

Mel.J  – (1:19 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth! Wow, this is very generous of you. (I already have you in my bloglines list, I hope that's what you mean by follow!)

Vanessa  – (1:25 pm)  

Happy birthday! I love that fabric - had my eye on it last time I was in the shop and said hi.

Suzy  – (1:54 pm)  

Happy 33rd! That is very pretty fabric, Rolls Royce of jersey indeed.

cherri  – (2:10 pm)  

Happy 33rd Birthday! It's a cool age - looks good written down too - 33!

lsaspacey  – (2:20 pm)  

Happy Birthday, you youngster! How generous you are I can't believe you're letting that fabric go! Please place me in the drawing because I love it!

Leonie  – (2:32 pm)  

Happy birthday Chick! Hope you have an awesome day :-)

I have no need for the fabric so don't include me in the draw.

Gail  – (2:39 pm)  

Hey Jorth, Happy Birthday. You know that I love this fabric (See previous comments before the giveaway). And the postage will be cheaper!!??

valerie  – (3:12 pm)  

Don't give me the fabric
I have anough unsewn
Even though it's nice enough to call my very own
Don't give me the fabric
Because even if it's true
Your giveaway is generous
It's Happy Birthday You!

Jemma  – (3:29 pm)  

Hi Jorth! Happy Birthday! I have only just started to read your blog (my mum Jenny put me on to it) but it is already one of my favouritest!


Rachel  – (3:35 pm)  

Oh My God!! If this is what I have to look forward to in my (few years ) older age, bring it on! What a give away!

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a cake, present and champagne filled day, with lots of Grumbles and Gallumph kisses and cuddles.


Vanessa  – (4:40 pm)  

Oh Happy Birthday, Jorth! I've been dying to see more of your Liberty print dress in the peeksie post below, so imagine my delight when I saw that you're giving away some of the fabric. Have been reading your blog ever since Tessuti featured your Vogue 8511 dress on their blog. AND...you have inspired us to make many a Vogue 8511 dress ourselves :)

Hope you have the bestest, lovliest birthday!


B  – (5:43 pm)  

Happy birthday to you! Just wanted to let you know; I blogged about inspiring women this week and you feature in my list ;O)
Have a great week,
B x

Jenny  – (5:49 pm)  

Happy birthday Jorth!

sooz  – (9:45 pm)  

Very generous indeed! And so good of you to choose my favorite print in my favorite colourway. A very happy birthday bloggy lady.

Mae  – (10:10 pm)  

I hope I win your lovely reverse birthday present! If I do, you can email me - mae dot wilson at yahoo dot com dot au

Anonymous –   – (10:14 pm)  

Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for your lovely blog

twinkdee  – (10:19 pm)  

Hope your birthday is special, you are very generous

pepesmum  – (10:49 pm)  

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day with Gallumph and Grumbles.

Love the blog, and have to add, what a great day to celebrate a birthday (he, he, although I wish mine was 33!).

Stitching At Stone Cottage  – (10:57 pm)  

happy birthday to you...your meant to be receiving gifts not giving them on your birthday...many happy returns

Lisa  – (11:48 pm)  


Anna Bartlett  – (12:15 am)  

Happy birthday to you! I think you're crazy to be parting with that fabric, it's so gorgeous. But if I do win it I promise to make something impressive and speak of you often!

The Clip Cafe  – (2:38 am)  

Happy Birthday to you! I love your blog candy and i hope i win some of it too!
Oh the possibilities of use with THAT fabric!! :-)
I am a follower of your gorgeous blog - Thanks Kind regards

The Clip Cafe  – (2:39 am)  

ps posted you giveaway in my side bar!

Michelle  – (11:04 am)  

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a fantastic day!

You are very generous with your fabric prize. It's a beauty. I will add you to my "follow" thingamajig too.

lakaribane  – (11:36 am)  

Happy Birthday! I turn 33 this year too!

And, yes, I want a chance at that jersey, LOL! Thanks for holding a giveaway, very generous indeed...and for shipping worldwide, now THAT is a sign of wisdom (I think).

mountainwildlife  – (11:41 am)  

Happy Birthday! - It was mine too!!! (although it is a few years since I was 33....!)
Just found your blog and it looks fab- Amazing dressmaking. I'm following now!

BeccaA  – (2:53 pm)  

Have a very happy birthday! Your liberty dress is lovely. You are very generous to offer your liberty fabric.

emadethis  – (2:59 pm)  

Happy Birthday! I just found your blog via PR. Your Liberty dress is lovely BTW. I didn't know Liberty made jersey! I know what to ask Santa for. ;) Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

Dilliander  – (3:25 pm)  

Just saw your post on The Liberty Dress - fantastic! Have a happy Birthday.

Rachel  – (4:33 pm)  

Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day. Count me in for the giveaway, that fabric is awesome!

Alana  – (5:30 pm)  

Oh yes... working backwards from the dress. Happy late birthday!

Valerie'sownsewingblog  – (6:27 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth! I've been following your blog for a while. I enjoy both your sewing and your photography. Working at Tessuti must be a fabric lover's dream. I'm now an official follower and wil gladly 'adopt' your lovely fabric...if I have to :):):):)

Black Eyed Susie  – (8:31 pm)  

Naughty to delurk just for a comp but hey, I can't resist the thought of that fabric.

Happy Birthday!

Belinda  – (9:28 pm)  

Enough of this 'ageing' talk..... especially since I hit 33 about 2 weeks before you....

Colleen  – (10:33 pm)  

Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Christiana  – (12:46 am)  

Happy Birthday and thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the dress, the style and fabric are fabulous. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, the fabric would make a terrific top perhaps this one:


Anonymous –   – (1:25 am)  

Happy Birthday! Your blog is inspiring and the Liberty fabric is so lovely. Thanks for posting the giveaway.

Kimberly  – (2:58 am)  

Happy Birthday! I've been ready your blog for awhile, but just became an official "follower." Guess a fabric give-away was all it took :-)

Enjoy your special day!

Justine  – (4:16 am)  

Happy belated Birthday!

Your beautiful dresses have inspired me to start creating some of my own -- thanks for the wonderful blog posts!


Anonymous –   – (2:58 pm)  

Happy Birthday, I would love to hold an authentic Liberty Print. I've never been near one, let alone sewn with it. annioneill at yahoo dot ca

Fran  – (5:05 pm)  

Happy Birthday lovely lady, hope you were spoiled silly.

Love that fabric with a vengeance.........

Twisted Fabric  – (6:42 pm)  

Happy belated Birthday. The fabric is gorgeous :-).

Mademoiselle M.  – (2:50 am)  

With a few delay, happy birthday, Jorth! I follow your blog since a while now (I'm totally in love with your one shoulder dress in Liberty) but I'd never dared to post a comment because of my not-so-good english...May I play too??

melissanearandfar  – (12:20 pm)  

Happy birthday!

You certainly do have a way with fabrics.

amelia  – (3:31 pm)  

OH. MY. GOD. this fabric is so drool-worthy...i was just checking it out in a store in another color the other day. please count me in and happy birthday!

ruby dawn  – (3:53 pm)  

Follow your blog every day. Have made Vogue 8511 (better with long legs) and some Grumbles dresses for five-year-old twins. Now really want that lovely Liberty!

littlebetty  – (4:23 pm)  

Happy birthday - love the dress, love the fabric! I'd have to learn to sew jersey before cutting into special stuff like this, but it is on my list of things to do.

Catherine  – (4:53 pm)  

happy birthday!

gosh you are generous!

Action Girl !  – (5:00 pm)  

i found you and your lovely dress and fabric trough the tessuti fabric blog. love what your making.
happy to participate in the give away :-)

El Thomas  – (5:50 pm)  

Happy (belated) birthday. It's a palindrome! Is it rude to just follow you 'cause you've got cool stuff? If so, sorry! Coveting that Liberty, though..

Maistar  – (6:17 pm)  

Happy Birthday Jorth!

Thanks for your inspirational blog - I love your sewing projects, and was also inspired to create my own 8511 dress. Love the blog!!

Avid follower, Mai

Clairebear  – (7:39 pm)  

Nice fabric! Nice blog! Happy birthday!

Widge  – (8:16 pm)  

Happy Birthday!!!
beautiful fabric

Elle Jays –   – (11:25 pm)  

Happy birthday!

What a lovely thing to give a present on your own birthday :)

(I've been lusting after that fabric for a while now... will inevitably end up buying some if I don't win!)


locaworld  – (4:22 am)  

Happy birthday! Great inspiration, can't wait to read more....

Charlie  – (7:01 am)  

Wow I hope I look as fantastic as you at 33! (and as skilled in sewing of course)

rosa  – (11:52 am)  

love it! I know jsut what i'd make ewith this. Look forward to following you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

missfee  – (6:52 pm)  

happy birthday - I have to say most cancerians I know are very creative and talented and I enjoy watching your projects unfold

leslie  – (8:33 pm)  

the happiest of happy birthdays to you, miss jorth :)

gusseting  – (8:56 pm)  

happy birthday! i can't believe that you're giving that fabric away - looking forward to seeing what happens to it. thanks for providing an ace visual to the pattern - methinks i might have a shot at knitting it.

Brigita  – (9:33 pm)  

A very belated happy birthday, I celebrated just three days after you.

I discovered your blog on Tessuti's blog and I'm so happy I did. I'm a follower now.

beeware  – (12:30 am)  

Happy birthday young thing! You have a lovely blog which I discovered thru Tessuti a while back when you made a cute Japanese seersucker dress for your daughter. I will whip over & become a follower now!
That Liberty jersey looks stunning- I have stroked it in the Sydney store. Very wearable!

~ Kim ~  – (10:02 am)  

Happy Birthday! What a great age! I am 33 as well. What a gorgeous piece of fabric. I would definately make your wrap dress if I won this.

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