And the winner of the Liberty Jersey giveaway is...


...according, of course, to the good folk at! Well done Fer, and thanks to everybody for entering the comp. Sniff, sniff - it was so sweet to get so many lovely birthday and blog wishes. Thanks guys!

Tania  – (12:09 am)  

Actually, I couldn't think of a more worthy winner-er. I think I would have pondered Liberty jersey in an awestruck fashion for a decade or two...

lsaspacey  – (6:41 am)  

I agree with Tania, I would have hoarded and stroked and fondled that fabric for years before cutting into it so I hope Fer has fun and makes something fab with it!

Fer  – (11:53 am)  

Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!! Thank you so much, that's really made my day!!!

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