The Ruffle Backed Pinafore



Project Details
Pattern: Pinafore from Ottobre Magazine 1/2007
Fabric: Ryder Denim from Tessuti Fabrics
Notions: 2 recycled buttons from stash

Such a cute and easy pinafore to whip up. The hardest part was doing the rolled edges on the ruffles (fact for the future: denim fabric does not like being rolled) but we got there in the end. You could just edge them with overlocking, or even do a wee little hem, but you wouldn't get that true ruffle look that you get with the rolled edge, so it was worth the swearing effort.

Handy little pattern, too. Winter versions could be done in denim, as above, or corduroy, and for summer they would look smashing done in printed cottons, chambrays or linens. Me likes, and Grumbles likes, which is the main thing. All in all I give it a big thumbs up!

Belinda  – (12:40 pm)  

Another winner! Your sewing always inspires me to revisit patterns I would of otherwise overlooked. I'm sure your gorgeous photos help too. Gorgeous!

Kat  – (1:20 pm)  

Cute! That is so awesome. I wish I had a little girl to make that for. Fantastic work!

Gail  – (1:25 pm)  

There is something very Sass & Bide about that back ruffle. Absolutely love it. She does too judging by the gorgeous smile.

Tas  – (2:29 pm)  

That is truly stylish and cute. I know that I have that Otto somewhere...

katherine h  – (2:57 pm)  

I'm not sure which I love more...the pinafore, the tights or the boots! Very cute. I have been looking at that very pattern this week. I have always meant to make it. I have made the ruffled skirt version with lots of fabric combos. I was thinking combos for the dress, but your denim version is so chic I may have to do it that way.

cherri  – (3:45 pm)  

really cute - love the tights too!

Jenny –   – (5:47 pm)  

I want one. Does it come in a size 14?

Fer  – (6:11 pm)  

I'm. In. Love. *sigh* and here was I thinking I didn't need any more editions of Ottobre! Grumbles looks sooooo adorable in it too!

nikkishell  – (8:33 pm)  

Oh it's wonderful! I see you got your new stockings Grumbles ;) Very cute, i think i'd like a pair of those.

Alice  – (10:59 pm)  

Absolutely fab outfit altogether!

Julia  – (11:57 pm)  

Such a cutie, both the romper and the model!

Carolyn (cmarie12)  – (12:44 am)  

OMGosh! This is just toooooo adorable!

Lisa  – (3:34 am)  

LOVE IT! Super cuteness!

Kristin  – (11:51 am)  

Gorgeous jumper and model! Wonder if I could get away with those ruffles on the back of my dress...

And shoot, did she style this herself? May I borrow her for a bit? ;) What expertly matched patterns and textures- even the stuffed animal works!

melissa  – (4:29 pm)  

Ditto to Kat - wish I had a little girl to make it for!

Just stumbled around your blog - love it!

Jess  – (5:27 pm)  

What a fabtastic dress! Love it. Oh how I wish I could sew.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - mainly because it has led me to yours. Another great blog to get lost in for a little while!

Kelly  – (5:31 pm)  

This dress is so pretty, and the model is gorgeous! wish I could sew too :)

Brenda  – (6:22 pm)  

What a gorgeous little dress.....I'd like to give that pattern a go for my daughter.

I found your Little Red Riding Hood.....I bet she stood out amongst those stinkin fairy outfits! Very cute.....very clever!

B  – (11:59 pm)  

Oh, how cute is that pinny? And how clever the Mummy who made it?! Thanks for stopping by; I promise I'm not bringing my germs with me ;O)

B x

Tania  – (1:45 pm)  

OK, way too sweet. Unlike yours truly, I can't imagine you'd ever get knock backs from any of your small person sewing...

nanette  – (9:55 am)  

All commentary on lovely frocks aside, WHY IS THIS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE VISITED HERE. Good lord why wasn't I informed of the all-stars splendour!

So very lovely to meet you.

kirsten  – (9:30 pm)  

now that is a frock that rocks, baby!!
love it.

Florence  – (5:06 am)  

I've just come over from Tessuti - the dress is utterly gorgeous and I'm now feeling a little sad that I think my 8 year old daughter would think that she was too old for this style.

Florence x

Kirsty  – (12:25 pm)  

This number is divine. She looks excellent!

ecoMILF  – (8:08 pm)  

So adorable. Those shots are too cute too. her smile is irresistible. Loving your space- glad you found me! xo m.

Elecat  – (9:01 pm)  

Gorgeous pics....... you've inspired me to fix my machine. I have some gorgeous old fabrics that would be perfect, (and 2 gorgeous girls to model for me). Love the cobblestone rd too..... brought me back to the Ascot Vale days. Thanks. :)

marysews  – (8:39 am)  

Seriously cute kidlet, and the jumper is fine, too!

muralimanohar  – (5:05 am)  

That is *cute*. Man, I miss having a little dd...I guess having a little niece will have to make up for it?? :p

The Clip Cafe  – (5:24 pm)  

That is the most darling pinny i have ever seen!!

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