Little Red Riding Hood

Grumbles had a 'dress up as a character from your favourite fairy tale' day at school yesterday. Let me tell you, there were no stinkin' Disney Princess outfits for us. This, my friends, required yours truly to whip up a Little Red Riding Hood jacket and the Grumbles looks pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Added bonus: she now has a jacket to wear all winter long to boot. Score!

Project Details
Pattern: Jacket from Ottobre 1/2006
Fabric: 100% wool from Tessuti Fabrics
Notions: Two recycled buttons from stash

I have wanted to make this project for eeeeevvvvvveeeer, but somehow never got around to it. There were always more important things to make, like jeans for Grumbles, or dresses for the school fete, or another Vogue 8184... ahem. But then inspiration struck, and we have a winner (which is good, because my sewing mojo totally felt like it had gone awol. It was pretty easy to put together - a nice Sunday afternoon job - and the hardest part was maintaining concentration whilst I hand-scalloped the edging. Still, it's a nice touch and what's a bit of RSI when your favourite gal needs a costume?

And Grumbles verdict? "It's really nice and beautiful and I really love it and it looks pretty and that's it full stop!"

Well! No higher praise indeed!

cherri  – (11:50 am)  

Grumbles looks really gorgeous in this - and such a nice red. Exactly how did you scallop the edges? Is that a pattern I see running along the scallops?

jorth  – (11:58 am)  

Hi Cherri, I used a scallop stitch all around the hood/jacket edges and sleeve edges, and then carefully cut the scallop shapes out around it. Pretty nifty, hey?

Maggie  – (12:12 pm)  

Gorgeous! she looks just like a fairy tale. Nice work! Those are some seriously sweet photos too, perfect background.

Michelle  – (1:40 pm)  

Oh wow. That is a great coat! I want to make one in Michelle-size!

Anna Bartlett  – (6:00 pm)  

Gorgeous coat - and the scalloping is a beautiful touch. Such patience! I've been subscribing to ottobre for about 18 months now, and seeing this I wish it had been longer. Now to talk my sons into sensible bookweek characters...

sue  – (6:17 pm)  

The red riding hood costume looks beautiful and perfect to wear during winter too. Red seems to suit your little girl too. The scalloped edging is very pretty.

nikkishell  – (10:17 pm)  

Beautiful! Watch out for the wolf though :)

Lisa  – (11:34 pm)  

LOVE IT! Great job mom!

Colette  – (9:56 am)  

so lovely! that edge finishing is so about a tutorial pleeeease?

Fer  – (12:14 pm)  

You said it - so darn cute! And the scalloped edge was worth the pain!

Michelle  – (7:20 pm)  

That is simply gorgeous - well done.

Tania  – (8:36 pm)  

So take THAT, stinkin' Disney Princess outfits! Oh, indeed.

Jay  – (7:13 pm)  

I love the red jacket. She looks completely adorable. A beautiful little red robin hood in the flesh.
Good job!

decorative moldings  – (7:14 pm)  

Wow! I have no idea I will get to see a real life little red riding hood. The red jacket looks so cute on her.

Sony  – (11:43 am)  

That is so beautiful! I just received my first Ottobre issue last week. Thanks for the inspiring photos!

muralimanohar  – (5:19 am)  

That is adorable! It looks really simple to put together, but the color just makes it outstanding! :D

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