The Grumbles, it appears, is going through a growing phase. She's practically shooting up before our eyes! Only a few weeks ago, when I measured her for the Red Riding Hood jacket, she was 112cm, so I made it up in the 116cm size, as when I go to all the effort of making her a garment, I like to squeeze as much wear into it as possible.

Yesterday afternoon found me cutting out a pinafore for her, in the 116cm size. "Loverly!", I thought to myself. "With any luck she'll get two winters out of this!" But the more I cut, the more uncertain I became. It just looked too darn small.

Finally I called her over. I held the pinafore back to her, and came to the unfortunate realisation that it did indeed look awfully small. Not crazy small - it will fit for now - but I was beginning to suspect that we won't be getting two years out of it. There was only one thing to do, and so I did it - I propped her up against the wall and measured her height once more.

She came in at 118cm. Blimming heck! She's grown 6cm in the space of a few weeks! If I try and squeeze two winters out of the pinafore she'll be flashing her undies for the world to see, and I can assure you that there is none of those shenanigans going on chez Jorth. I sure hope she likes the finished product, because she'll be wearing it as much as possible this winter!

Tania  – (9:52 pm)  

Cripes. Although if you ask me a pinny morphs into a tunic-type top with leggings or jeans. It's only when the clothing item in question starts cutting off circulation that we declare it 'outgrown' around here!

Tas  – (11:31 pm)  

I hope that your little goddess loves it and wears it daily to appease your frustration. I'm with Tania though. No undies flashing if you sneak the pair of jeans or leggings underneath.

Jenny –   – (12:06 am)  

Mama used to put extra panels in things for me when I went through that growing like topsy phase... I like to think I was ahead of my time, thanks to her proto-recycling!

Fer  – (10:30 am)  

I know what you mean. I keep wondering where my baby has gone, and she's only one!

nikkishell  – (7:09 pm)  

I couldn't believe how long her legs were this past Saturday. Have you been stretching her on the rack? ;)

Alice  – (11:53 pm)  

Your daughter is quite tall then, isn't she! My son is six-years old and is quite tall at 121cm.

Yes, how fast they grow. But they will always be our babies!

(I finished my dress, by the way).

Leonie  – (8:07 am)  

Our six year old son has just done that, I went to change his pants up a size because they were looking short and we had to go up two sizes because his legs were already too long for the next size up!!
Best of luck getting two Winters out of that pinny :-)

Lauralee  – (9:28 am)  

Hello. You left a comment on my blog a while back. Just thought I'd return the favor. I like yours so I decided I'd follow. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

Insolvency advice  – (7:27 pm)  

Wow! How I wish I would grow 6cm in a few weeks. That is pretty amazing. She is pretty tall indeed.

Allana  – (7:20 pm)  

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog :)
It IS amazing how fast they grow isn't it! My Munchkin recently shot up 4 cm in 2 months too, crazy, i had to sew the bands back on some trackies I had only just cut off! :)

muralimanohar  – (5:15 am)  

My kid did that a few months ago. One moment he was still shorter than me by an inch (I am 5'6"), and then two weeks later, he was taller than me by 1.5 inches. It was the end of an era, man. Heartbreaking. I thought I would still have months to go! :wah:

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