Well, at the least the zip looked good.

The smell of defeat was rank, and lay heavily in the air. After spending the last two days in a sewing frenzy, Jorth was aghast - but not particuarly surprised - to try on her dress and be faced with the disappointment. Rather than being an image of sophisticated 60's beauty, the heavy red silk dress looked more like a homage to Laura from Little House On The Prairie.

It hung poorly, the fabric had stretched as she had sewn, and the general shape of the garment was unflattering to say the very least. Stuffing the unhemmed monstrosity into a bag, Jorth decided that some projects should never see the light of day, let alone be entered into a Vintage Sewing competition.

And the most ironic part? Her invisible zip had been perfect.

Little Ted Canvas  – (5:52 pm)  

Oh, I bet it is really not that bad...and if the zip worked...don't leave it in that bag, it must be taken out and get another look in...perhaps when the dust of defeat settles...

Tas  – (6:13 pm)  

Well that just sucks! Big time.

Rachel  – (6:44 pm)  

Oh no! Is the fabric salvageable? Could you make it into a spiffy skirt or shirt? I hate having that happen. You should buy yourself some new fabric to cheer yourself up.

nikkishell  – (7:50 pm)  

Oh no! Really? It's that bad? No it can't be!

Liesl  – (8:38 pm)  

Oh noooo. Quick get it out again. It can't be that bad???

dixiebelle  – (9:42 pm)  

Turn it into a glamarous handbag! Got to show off that zipper!

Lisa  – (12:20 am)  

Awww ... I'm sorry! Don't give up!

Anonymous –   – (9:10 am)  

Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaat?! No way!! Jorth is an accomplished seamstress. She would never make a LIttle House on the Prairie dress out of silk.

ARgh, the agony of defeat. I guess it happens sometimes to the best of them. So sorry Jorth. (Mostly sorry for me, because I was dying to see the dress on you.)

Fer  – (10:01 am)  

Bugger. That's a real shame.

zofia  – (11:17 am)  

Oh pooh! Can you alter or make it into anything else? Seems a shame to waste a perfect zip!

JEnny –   – (11:27 am)  

oh disappoining indeed
but pleease can we see? put the dress on your ahem dummy, and let us see?

Lisa  – (1:58 pm)  

Say it isn't so......

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