Really could have done with a ride home on one of these tonight rather than the slog home in the dark on the bike. I love my bike, really I do, but some nights after a loooooooong day it would be nice to just whiz home rather than battle the barrage of uber lycra cyclists and copping the occasional bug in the eye.

Still, at least I have relatively toned thighs. And bugs come out, right?

Little Ted Canvas  – (7:37 pm)  

Yes, a Vespa would be perfect!! My hubby keeps going on about getting one. One day, maybe...

Lisa  – (11:38 pm)  

Who needs an old crummy Vespa? BAH!

alaina  – (5:48 am)  

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! i would absolutely love a vespa but i know it's only a dream...and like you say the good old push bike is much better for the legs! :)

Fer  – (3:00 pm)  

A Vesper like that would just be too uber cool. But bicycles are nice too, especially without the addition of lycra....

trishie  – (3:03 pm)  

I would like to travel around in a vespa too, so stylish!

Alice  – (7:51 pm)  

Nice Vespa. But the lycra reminds me of my ex-husband. Long story.

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