I have a confession to make: my fabric stash is out of control. Hehe, as I tried to type that sentence my little finger hit caps lock, making the confession seem even worse: MY FABRIC STASH IS OUT OF CONTROL!

Caps or no caps though, it is. I'm actually having trouble closing the buffet door (what - don't you all keep your stash in a buffet?), so the time has come to take a vow.

Trust me - it's going to hurt me much more than you. I think I'm going to have to stop buying fabric... and... gulp...yarn... until I have worked - nay, slogged - my way through the stash. So if anybody had any plans to go fabric/yarn shopping with me, give me a call sometime in, oh, 2048. I should be through it by then.

A Thrifty Mrs  – (7:53 pm)  

That photograph is so beautiful that it has cheered up my gloomy Monday morning.

sean the prawn  – (10:36 pm)  

If you are anything like me you will never stop...good luck with that one. I've tried many a time.

Quilary  – (10:48 pm)  

There's no such thing as an out of control stash, it's just a stash requiring refolding and squashing!

nikkishell  – (11:11 pm)  

Erm, you WORK in a fabric store!! Now there are 2 of you on fabric diets. This is going to be interesting ;)

Fer  – (8:44 am)  

Good luck. I've never been able to manage it, but deep down I don't want to!

The photo is gorgeous, I love that fabric (nearly bought some yesterday!).

Trudi - Me and Ewe  – (9:14 am)  

It is so hard when there are so many lovely fabrics out there --- good luck!

jorth  – (10:11 am)  

Thanks guys!

Oh, and Nic - no need to rub it in!

Ingrid –   – (3:01 pm)  

I am so with you on this one; just spent a week cleaning up the house for the SIL to come to stay, and I quickly realised how OUT OF CONTROL my fabric stash is!!!
And that is one beautiful photograph of your gorgeous daughter.

nollyposh  – (3:58 pm)  

ohmigoodness i am tha SAME! X:-o! (Although my stash is so big i nearly can't shut tha dOOr!) HeLp! (and not a sewn dollie in sight!)

Adventures in Dressmaking  – (1:27 am)  

Mine, too. All my neatly-labeled drawers are stuffed full and there's a big pile on the GROUND below them! Aack!
Good thing April is Stash Bust Month and there are so many great wardrobe refashion and not-buying-new-things challenges out there for inspiration... good luck!

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