The Three Way Dress Production Line

I have two weeks to transform those piles of fabric into 12 dresses for the school fete. Eeeeeek!

This is now officially the point where I start to wonder why oh bloody why didn't I just volunteer to man the cake stand for an hour on the day. Gah!

On the bright side the above picture demonstrates some serious stash reduction. I can actually close the cupboard door now!

tess  – (2:31 pm)  

Oh it must have been fun putting all those combinations together! OK well I would have found it fun :)

Passionfruit Lane  – (2:39 pm)  

gorgeous eye candy, can't wait to see the finished products

cherri  – (2:57 pm)  

ohhh a buffet! I like the colours of the first, second and third row closest to the camera - these will look great all done up!

Laura Jane  – (10:41 pm)  


My first thought is 'you bloody idiot'.

My second thought is 'God, they will be STUNNING'

Lets stay with the second thought, and just KNOW that I (and others) are with you on a mental/virtual sewing bee.

Can't wait to see them all finished

Fer  – (8:04 am)  

And your fete will be one of the most fashionable ever!

Anonymous –   – (8:26 am)  

Good luck! The green and white spotted fabric top left hand corner looks rather familiar!


textilefusion  – (5:59 pm)  

We Volunteer to do these things for our beautiful children,and we also love the creative challenge I believe! I look forward to seeing the end result."What a gorgeous collection of Fabrics you have chosen".Best wishes with the project:)

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