Seersucker delight

The Jorth family are heading off overseas for two months (I know! Eeeeeeeee!) in a couple of weeks, and I've been one busy beaver, trying to organise and plan it all. I thought I had it all under control until the other day when I was riffling through Grumble's drawers, trying to find something summery for her to wear as we were having an unseasonably warm day.

Then it dawned on me - she has no summery clothes. None that fit, anyway. And whilst I was completely on top of her travel wardrobe, the poor little scamp was going to come home in the middle of an Australian summer with scarely a thing to cover herself with.

So three cheers for Ottobre Magazine for coming to our rescue. I knew just what to make: the ubercute summer dress pattern from the 3/2009 issue, and I also had to hand some of the most incredible seersucker I've ever laid eyes on (heh heh, one of the perks of working in a fabric store!)

Seriously, this seersucker is the best! If I could marry this seersucker, I would, because it truly is that wonderfully brilliant! It sewed like a dream, and shall be perfect for those crazy summer days we're expected to have this year. I don't know about you, but I'm not looking forward to those 46 C days again...

Speaking of again, I'll be making this dress up again and again. It took all of two hours, and was so easy peasy, yet looks so good. The hardest part was doing the rolled hems on the sleeves, yet even those were a breeze with this fabric. Everybody who has seen the dress has done the "oooh, ahhh!" thing (most gratifyingly, I must say!) and I've even got some orders put in from the other kinder mums. Nothing beats the kinder mum stamp of approval, I say!

Anyhoo, enough babbling: I'll let the results speak for themselves:

Project details

Pattern: Three Way Dress pattern from Ottobre 3/2009, size 110 cm

Fabric: Japanese seersucker from Tessuti Fabrics, 60 cm of main body fabric, and 45 cm of contrasting fabric

Notions: 130 cm grosgrain ribbon

Tamara  – (2:50 pm)  

I found your blog from your review on Pattern Review. I will definitely be following your blog in the future. Your dress is so cute! The fabric is fantastic. What a beautiful seersucker.

Laura Jane  – (3:14 pm)  

That child (melt) She is adorable!

And the dress is also Most Praiseworthy....

What gorgeous photos. Seersucker is certainly a fabuloso fabric for summerwear. i'm excited that it is staging a comeback (please tell me it is so)

Gail  – (3:44 pm)  

Very Yoshi pretty.

Lisa  – (4:16 pm)  

uber cute! Love love love....

nikkishell  – (4:48 pm)  

Cute! I have a top in the same fabric, we match! ;)

lisette  – (7:49 pm)  

just gorgeous! and the dress is pretty too :)

Colette  – (9:33 pm) so adorable!

MUST get some Ottobre magazines in the shop.

Jenny –   – (9:51 pm)  

quite possibly the cutest kid in the world.
nice work Jorth!
have a great trip and take some photos for us stay at homers!

sandra  – (10:19 pm)  

Just moseyed on over from PaternReview and had to say how cute this dress is!
My poor daughter is running around in baggy T shirts and cordouroy pants at the moment - you have inspired me to get cracking on some breezy summer dresses!

nic  – (4:13 am)  

three cheers for utter cuteness and marriageable seersucker! grumbles looks smashing.

sue  – (11:25 am)  

You are truly talented at sewing clothes. Your little girl looks so pretty in that dress.

Alicia  – (3:29 pm)  

OMG that is so cuuuute! I'm loving that colour too :)

sarah  – (5:34 pm)  

what a super cutie, that dress is just gorgeous! how exciting to be off overseas, have a fantastic time xxx

wallace  – (5:21 am)  

What a gorgeous pairing of fabric and pattern. Enjoy your trip!

herhimnbryn  – (8:22 am)  

Bright and beautiful. Dress and daughter.

Siena  – (4:16 pm)  

Wow, thats such an adorable dress! I'm Siena and i'm doing a school assignment and i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions. My email address is
thank you!

katherine h  – (2:06 pm)  

That is a gorgeous dress, but your daughter is even more gorgeous. Have fun away.

cherri  – (2:52 pm)  

Great job! I am starting summer dress sewing for the girls next week - can't wait!

Love your dress and your daughter is a cutie!

Dana  – (4:03 pm)  

I propose marriage to my fabrics all the time. Seersucker definitely a fave. That dress is so gorgeous and your photos are beautiful.

Claudia  – (9:21 pm)  

Love the dress!Where are you going?

Belinda  – (5:49 pm)  

Love love love. So gorgeous! Would you have any objections to me using the same fabric?? I've got the pattern just need fabric. I wonder it Surrey Hills has some, I might pop in tomorrow and take a look.

jorth  – (6:00 pm)  

Hi Belinda, go for it! I hope you like yours as much as we like ours :-)

Belinda  – (10:34 pm)  

thanks! I'm going to have a crack at it this weekend. Going away with some of the Sydney girls for a craft weekend. I'll let you know how I got on.

Corrie  – (10:38 pm)  

gorgeous dress and model! oh the colour, perfect!


muralimanohar  – (5:18 pm)  

Note to self: track down that issue of Ottobre. That dress is INSANELY cute! :D

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