Happiness is a scarf with pom poms

I mean, seriously, what's not to love? I think I need a pom pom scarf!

Project Details
Pattern: Both hat and scarf are from Phildar Pitchoun Automne-Hiver 2006-2007

Needles: 6mm for scarf, and 4.5mm for hat

Notes: The hat was knitted using double strands of the yarn.

kgirl  – (3:03 pm)  

and such great pom poms they are, too! mine never turn out so full and fluffy, well done!

jorth  – (5:36 pm)  

Ahhh, Kgirl, the secret is those fancy schmancy new fangled pom pom makers. Mine's a Clover one, and it's friggin awesome. Highly recommned.

Belinda  – (5:54 pm)  

too adorable. The photos are gorgeous, frame worthy!

what a sweet heart.

Jo  – (8:11 pm)  

beautiful girl. beautiful photos. beautiful colour. beautiful hat & scarf. beautiful boots.

just beautiful!

Byrdie  – (11:24 pm)  

She is having too much fun with those pom poms! Great scarf and hat for a very cute girl!

Michelle  – (7:18 pm)  

What a sensational scarf!! Love the pom poms too.

nic  – (2:19 am)  

can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone was decked out in a pom-pom scarf? i'm pretty sure world peace could be realized.

Marina  – (8:28 pm)  

Photos - wow! Pom poms - double wow!!

Anonymous –   – (9:13 pm)  

She just keeps getting cuter! Miss you xxx Narda

muralimanohar  – (7:20 pm)  

This is adorable. Suddenly wish I didn't live in Hawaii again, and could have an excuse to wear one! :p

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