Mysterious sewing

Hmmm... wonder what this could be?

(No prizes for anybody who guesses 'overlocker'!)

Jenny –   – (5:36 pm)  

jorth, a technical question: what sort of overlocker do you use? I think you have an industrial machine (juki), right? (don't worry, i'm not peering in the windows, you showed a photo of it ages ago!). I haven't got me an overlocker yet, but am wondering...

Colette  – (9:06 pm)  

I know that has to be PJ's for Grumbles!!!

I would have guessed it even if you hadn't told me.


Colette  – (9:07 pm)  

By the way......cute print.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo)  – (10:55 pm)  

Do tell! Its a very cute print.

Michelle  – (6:35 pm)  

Love the fabric.
Whatever you are making it will be lovely.

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