Bird dresses should be an essential staple of every girl's wardrobe

I made this bird dress for my dear friend earlier this summer. We both stood in the fabric store, um-ing and ah-ing over the fabric, but when we viewed the finished product all we could say was "Jolly good call!" because, if I do say so myself, it turned out freaking awesome!

I love that from a distance you think "Wow, that's a nice floral dress" but upon closer inspection it's paint-by-numbers birds! Birds! Who wouldn't want a dress with birds on it? Just as I thought - no hands raised. I rest my case.
On a more serious note, I love this pattern and am super pleased with how the dress turned out. I made it in size 8, and didn't need to tweak the pattern at all. Anyway, I can't really take all the credit - it's awfully hard to make any garment look bad when you have a model as gorgeous as this one, with a clever husband to take the photos. Thanks guys! Enjoy the dress!

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8184, view C
Fabric: Up town by Erin Michael for Moda Fabrics, Pattern # 26026, 2.3 metres
Notions: 14 inch zipper

nikkishell  – (8:17 pm)  

Wow! Beautiful dress, i love the fabric. And your friends hair is so long and lovely!

herhimnbryn  – (10:09 pm)  

Fab frock and your friend standing in front of the paint sprays.....she now has angel wings!

word veri......wingstak!

kgirl  – (12:55 pm)  

it's stunning. the combo of the fabric colour and your friends hair colour is superb, and I LOVe the birds!!

Narda –   – (10:06 am)  

Loving the modelling!

muralimanohar  – (1:35 pm)  

Well..*I* don't want a bird dress..but I love the detour from banal flowers, and the super cute pattern and model! :p

Boracay beach resort  – (9:18 am)  

Lovely dress.. i like the color and the fabric designs looks really good on you..

Gail  – (9:28 am)  

I am literally swooning over that fabric. It is just beautiful and so suited to the pattern.

Vivian  – (2:30 am)  
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