This is what happens when you let them dress themselves...

...they go out looking like escapees from Ol' Ma Turnip's Country Music Academy For Musically Talented But Poorly Dressed Preschoolers.

Whatever you do, don't ask her to sing. The kid can yodel something fierce!

melissa  – (1:48 pm)  

Oh! That's a great outfit. And those boots. I love those boots.

JEnny –   – (11:14 pm)  

I like this outfit! Does it come in grown ups sizes? Dig those red boots!

Hoppo Bumpo  – (6:19 am)  

Great boots. If my boys were dressing themselves, they would also choose boots ... gumboots. We're all style here.

nikkishell  – (9:24 am)  

My girls dress themselves every day. Makes things interesting round here ;)

Anonymous –   – (1:25 pm)  

I love what she has on!

Claire (ethel loves fred)  – (12:25 pm)  

She's done a bang up job, the layers are cool, in fact this is the look I'm going for this season, cept with brown boots and maybe not a pink cardie!!

nic  – (1:21 pm)  

pah. she's looks fab. purple and red are meant for each other, and the dots, and the cardie, and the watermelon smile...what's not to love?

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