In case you've been wondering where I've been

Plastic free, plastic free,
What the *bleep* has happened to thee?
I'm glad to say that it's been going strong
Despite my illness I've been playing along
Ok, ok, there was a tofu incident
Still from the path I have not *generally* bent
We've had lots of soup, and them some more
(In fact our dining has been a bore)
As Grumbles and I recovered from our bug
There was nary a softdrink bottle from which we did slug
I promise more updates will come your way
But now it's time for me to hit the hay.

muralimanohar  – (10:24 am)  

Ha..I WAS going to ask if you were sniffing something again. Lol

Nic  – (1:15 pm)  

heheh...the ole part was the best. hope you're feeling better!

katiecrackernuts  – (12:15 pm)  

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I have been having a wee break from blogging myself - on and off as I feel like it at the moment rather than beating myself up with a commitment to blog five mornings a week. I did think of u when South Australia announced it would be soon plastic bag free. Yah. And I still have a plastic recycling project going on. Saw Trashbags has new products in this month's Frankie. Look good. Must check that out.

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